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Study: Americans Have Predictable Airline Flying Habits



An international study of 14,750 fliers across more than 15 countries, commissioned by British Airways, which surveyed people’s travel habits, discovered most Americans partake in very similar rituals no matter where their flight is headed to.

1000 Americans participated in this study, The N.Y Post reported.

Results showed American fliers also follow the same precise routines when it comes to the time of arrival at the airport, routines for food and drink, and even how long they leave it to use the restroom before boarding.

“Traveling by its very nature requires people to relinquish an element of personal control, so we know it helps people to have routines in place to manage that, be that one person being in charge of the passports, getting to the airport early or being ready at the gate as soon as the flight is called”, said Carolina Martinoli, director of brand and customer experience at British Airways.

Here are some of the most interesting findings:

More than half of the travelers surveyed (51 percent) admitted they always go through the same exact habits and rituals to ensure their journey and vacation goes to plan.

Seventy-four percent of Americans will head to the gate as soon as the flight is called, while 22 percent will hold back to miss the rush, without leaving it until the last minute, only 2% will wait until “final call”

Eighty five percent of Americans will keep their purse or wallet on them while 80 percent will keep hold of their phone and 70 percent will keep hold of their passport, instead of placing them in overhead lockers.

Sixty percent will go to the toilet before the flight, even if they don’t need to.

More than half will look after their own travel documents, 35% percent of Americans say they are often put in charge of keeping hold the of the passports and tickets for everyone they are traveling with.

46% percent admit they often consume food and drink in the air that they wouldn’t usually have on the ground. Savory snacks of pretzels and nuts are the most popular snacks on flights for Americans, followed by candy and then chips.

Interestingly, almost 50% of Americans surveyed skip alcohol while flying.

The study found 69 percent of Chinese people and 64 percent of Indians admit they generally so the same thing, while only 29% of French travelers will admit to practicing the same habits. Brits were found to be most consistent with their food choices in the air and on the ground, with just 36% percent saying they often eat snacks and meals in the air which they wouldn’t usually have on the ground.

By Murray Goldstein



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