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New Friends in the Middle East???



American supporters of Israel, both Christian and Jewish sat through eight years of the Obama administration fearful that the “daylight” the former president called for in 200 between our two democracies was continuing to dangerously increase. We all saw that he had turned our foreign policies 165 degrees away from our support of Israel in order to give credence to Palestinian/Muslim demands that Israel continue to pay ransom and appease its mortal enemies. Even to the point where Jewish Congress people shied away from condemning these moves. No more.

In a dramatic change, the Trump administration does not view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a major cause for the region’s instability and resulting chaos. He does not see it as vital to securing peace in the Middle East. No longer will we hear from the White House and our emissaries that this situation is the basis for the Middle East horror show. Our actions will now center around retaining an American military presence in the region, bolstering up partnerships to strengthen security and stability, seeking to end the Syrian civil war, denying Iran its nuclear and regional desires and working towards promoting but not forcing (on Israel) an Israeli-Palestinian comprehensive peace agreement.

We will now work with those regional monarchies and Egypt to strengthen their political and military stability, which means keeping them up to date with their military capabilities and protecting them from their common enemy, Iran. We seem to have learned from our past mistakes to work towards this end in a gradual fashion, not imposing our own values on the countries we wish to support. But, we will not throw our hands up and leave the Middle East to the bully, Iran. Obama had often hinted that he considered dealing with Asia as an easier assignment. His history from his days as an Illinois legislator was to avoid decision making and merely “kick the can down the dangerous road.” And that “can” was loaded with dynamite…..for Israel.

The Gulf countries now command a central role in our approach to that vital area. They must do their heavy lifting to help keep Iran contained, to aim for the rejection of radical Islamic ideologies and they must keep in mind that we expect them to contribute to the American economy with back and forth trade. The Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians and their Muslim neighbors have to roll up their sleeves and begin openly working with the head honcho on the block, Israel, to become Allies against the Iranian Axis. They are now surely heading for some sort of confrontation, perhaps even outright war. They must work, plan and fight as a team.

American supporters of Israel and Israelis themselves can now take a deep breath knowing our country is staunchly concerned not only with the Jewish State’s survival but with the security and prosperity of the entire region. Cooperation among former enemies is now the name of the game. And the chief player is President Trump.

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