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Trump’s Love Speech to America

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday evening, the nation sat in rapt attention as we listened to what could be aptly described as a love speech to America by President Trump. It was not the dangerous, camouflaged State of the Union oratorical garbage we sat through for the last eight years in which we heard and watched a divisive, hate-America chief of state, pat himself on the back for his traitorous accomplishments in dividing our country by inciting the “have nots” against the “haves,” blacks against whites, illegal immigrants against our own citizens, criminals against law enforcement and giving encouragement to enemies of America to ramp up their murderous loathing for this country.

Tuesday night’s communication was actually a love speech to America delivered by a non-politician president to us……his family. You’d have to be a Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine or Hillary not to feel the open affection, loyalty and sense of responsibility to this country that our president expressed tonight. These folk, those who attended, appeared to be grumpy at the good news delivered. And they showed no sign of emotion, nor much of any life signs of tonight. They couldn’t even stand! It was if they were glued to their seats. Perhaps that had something to do with reports of D.C’s Home Depot running out of their supplies of Gorilla Glue. There can be no chance for a mistake by any one of the gang. “Glue ’em down!” Ms. Waters and Chucky Boy dueted.

The Democrats who had the guts to attend were strangely cemented to their seats even when Trump mentioned keeping his promise in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital and moving our embassy to its rightful place. Did Jewish voters take notice? Nor did they budge when he supported the citizens of Iran for having the courage to speak out. But there was some movement among the gang, brows were creased, eyes squinted and lips were tightened when Trump told of his plans to follow immigration law and jail or deport gangs like the murderous MS 13 thugs who are considered “Dreamers” by the Progressive Left. I will follow up on MSNBC and CNN to see if they have any MS-13’s being interviewed who are currently in pre-med, pre-law and attend Saturday football games with their fraternity brothers.


Alan Bulwarky

Concerned About New Polish Law

Dear Editor:

(The following letter was sent to the President of Poland by the Congressional Anti-Semitism Task Force)

Dear President Duda,

As Co-Chairs of the Bipartisan Taskforce for Combating Anti-Semitism, we are alarmed by legislation recently passed by the Sejm and awaiting consideration by the Senate that would criminalize references to Polish complicity in Nazi war crimes against Jews during the occupation of Poland during World War II.

We are deeply concerned that this legislation could have a chilling effect on dialogue, scholarship, and accountability in Poland about the Holocaust, should this legislation become law. Additionally, it is highly troubling that this law was passed on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day on which the world speaks openly about the horrors of the Holocaust to ensure such atrocities never happens again.

As we all know, Poland suffered terribly under the brutal occupation by Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1945. In this time, Poland’s population was devastated through the murder of almost two million non-Jewish and three million Jewish Poles. Thousands of Polish citizens risked their lives to save Jews during this period, and more than 6,600 have been rightfully recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem.

But, we must acknowledge the numerous documented instances of Poles aiding the Nazis, directly and indirectly, in the murder of innocent Jews. To criminalize anyone who acknowledges this reality would be an injustice. A focus on education, not criminalization, about inaccurate and harmful speech would be more beneficial in resolving this critical issue.

Free speech and open debate are the lifeblood of all democratic countries, especially relating to issues that are the most difficult to reconcile. With rising anti-Semitism throughout Europe, the region is strengthened by Poland’s leadership on Holocaust research, such as the work of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Passing this legislation is inconsistent with this admirable legacy.

Therefore, we hope that you will speak out against this bill and veto it should it come to your desk. We look forward to engaging with you on this important issue and look forward to your response.


Nita Lowey (D­NY) Chris Smith (R­NJ), Eliot Engel (D­NY), Ileana Ros­Lehtinen (R­FL), Ted Deutch (D­FL), Kay Granger (R­TX), Marc Veasey (D­TX), and Peter Roskam (R­IL)

Are the Dems “Petrified”?

Dear Editor:

It was fascinating but sad, to see the Democrat members of Congress including the usually raucus Black Caucus, sitting silently like stone-faced statues, as the President spoke. They just sat motionless, staring off into space, utterly stunned. It was a weird phenomenon to witness.

Senator Sourpuss Schumer appeared ashen-faced, confused and at times, disoriented. Nunzy Pelosi has never been seen to sit in silence for so long. She appeared frozen in place, afraid to budge – as if she had just soiled herself.

There were countless opportunities for the Democrats to stand with the crowd or at least to applaud half-heartedly, when the President waxed eloquent with patriotic references or when he touched on issues for which they’ve been loudly advocating. Absolutely nothing he said in the hour-plus speech that had brought the rest of the chamber-full of Americans to their feet time after time, moved the Democrats to show the slightest sign of agreement. Their hatred of President Trump was mute but, palpable. What a treasonous statement it made.

“Hello, America: Did you see what I saw?”


Mort Kuff


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