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Fact on the table: With certain strategic initiatives, Israel’s security and, dare one imagine, its fate, for many years to come rests on the good will of the United States. During President Obama’s 8 years in office, Israel was subject to a US government that justified its financial, military and even legislative support to those entities that were unapologetic about targeting the Jewish State. The skillfully contrived agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran allowed an estimated one hundred and fifty billion dollars into its coffers, while the moral and financial support to the Palestinians – at the expense of fracturing the American alliance with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu – sent chills up our spines.

And now this: A recent Pew poll gauging American support for Israel by party affiliation exposed that only a paltry 27% of Democrats and a remarkable 79% of Republicans “favored” Israel. That ratio of 3:1 was evidence of an even further deterioration of support among Democrats and a continued strengthening among the Republicans, a fact that cannot and must not be ignored. The empirical dissection of numbers with American Jews is not much more encouraging. While 78% of Jews voted for Obama in 2008, and 69% four years later, the support for Hillary Clinton was measured at 73% in 2016. Two previous and quite credible Pew polls, in 2013 and 2017, drew attention to the undeniable fact that Israel did not enjoy the level of support of the American Jewish population as one would have imagined. In fact, when measured against other issues, the matter of Israel’s security was embarrassingly insignificant.

The discernible decline on the part of the Democrats, as measured against the trajectory of the incline among the Republicans is noteworthy. Stated simply, Israel’s better friends are the latter. And yet, many would not know that.

And that’s why the Jewish Voice is encouraging the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) to work more effectively than it does now with the American Jewish population to better educate everyone to this fact.

At this point, sadly, the RJC is losing ground to the misbegotten notion that the Democrats, while supported by the faux “Jewish” groups such as T’ruah, J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace and Rabbis for Human Rights, actually care about Israeli security. These organizations have a vast and duplicitous outreach with many synagogues whose rabbis preach an anti-Israel venom to their ignorant-of-facts congregations. Given its proud record of support for Israel, the RJC has labored to solicit the financial assistance from among the affluent American Jews, assuming the obvious connection. While that is completely within reason, what is totally unclear is precisely why the RJC, (better known as the “Rich Jewish Coalition”) is so detached from this targeted Jewish constituency and quite cryptic about its events, especially about its agenda in Washington.

For some time, the Jewish Voice has requested permission to cover the RJC’s annual conference in Las Vegas. Each previous time, and again this year, it does not appear that the Jewish Voice’s coverage is welcome at the RJC event. One wonders as one struggles to figure this out. After all, the Jewish Voice has garnered a stellar reputation as being an exceptionally vocal pro-Israel publication, with an added bonus of being politically right of center and a supporter of both Trump administration and the Republican Party. That established, we are confused – and troubled – as to why the RJC does not want friendly press at its functions. Certainly, it seems, its agenda would be well served with the more favorable publicity that is too often found wanting.

In the meantime however, supporters of the RJC have both a right and responsibility to speak out against this organization’s seemingly intentional lack of transparency as they continue to remain in their rarified world; aloof from the panoply of Jewish communities in the United States. Can a Jewish citizen, who just happens to support the Republican Party, only voice his or her views on Israel and Jewish issues if there exists a quid pro quo of sorts? Are these citizens compelled to proffer a sizeable check to the top brass of this organization before they can gain admittance to their conventions, gala dinners and closed door meetings?


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. david freilich

    01/31/2018 at 2:07 pm

    I recently dropped my longstanding membership of the RJC, at the leadership level. I found it had become increasingly insensitive to the concerns of its members and unsupportive of key political aces such as Kim Guadagno’s run for governor in New Jersey. It’s not as nimble and proactive as it once was.
    I do appreciate its advocacy for Israel, however.

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