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Ryanair Rescinds Controversial Luggage Policy for Israeli Flights



Ryanair, the popular low-cost Dublin based airline, rescinded a new controversial policy charging passengers flying to and from Israel ,but no other routes, a fee for carry-on luggage.

About two weeks ago, Ryanair luggage rules were changed in an effort to curb flight delays caused by oversized luggage. The company announced that the trolley suitcases would be sent to the interior of the plane at no additional cost, except for flights to and from Israel.

In order to free up space in its planes overhead storage compartments, Ryanair on Jan. 15 announced a new policy under which all passengers who pay an extra $6.75 for priority boarding will be allowed to take their carry-on bags on board, while those without priority boarding will have to stow them in the plane’s baggage hold for free, Israel Hayom reported.

With flights to and from Israel, passengers had to pay $60 to take wheeled bags on board and $50 to check them in. This caused mass confusion among passengers who showed up having no idea about the policy changes.

Many Critics who were wondering why Israeli flights were being singled out, were told by the airline that the policy was due to heightened security measures. The Israel Airports Authority dismissed the claims, saying it has not changed it’s security procedures.

Over the past couple of years Ryanair made headlines because of their low-cost flights. Some flights were as low as 4 pounds (around $5 dollars) to destinations all over Europe, during a Black Friday special.

Ryanair began flying to and from Ovda Airport near Eilat in 2015 and added flights to and from Ben-Gurion International Airport last year. It currently flies between Israel and Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Lithuania.

Ryanair is the second largest European airline, according to Australia’s Centre For Aviation. The Irish airline grew at 10.3%, to 128.8 million passengers last year and comfortably remained Europe’s biggest individual airline. The Lufthansa Group was ranked first with 130 million passengers, mainly fueled by their acquisition of Brussels Airlines.

Ryanair has a fleet size of 413 planes and currently has flights to over 205 destinations.

By: Zev Sondheim



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