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For a Leaner, Meaner Look … Pick Up Your Phone?



In an age where digital assistants can help you close the blinds from your seat on the sofa, learning how to step from your couch into a healthy lifestyle no longer has to be a mystifying experience. Nor must you travel the journey alone.

Let’s briefly consider a fresh but familiar angle to productivity: the power of the mobile device as a motivational tool. Once a deep black hole for procrastination, your cell phone can be modified to better serve you as a personal assistant, and for a few sweaty sessions a week, step in as your personal trainer.

To get started, look no further than the app store on your device for (free and paid) programs that can make fitness more interesting and accountability more achievable. So, clear up some space on your phone and consider these helpful categories:

Diet Planners

The profound impact that food and water have on the way you look, feel, and act on a daily basis should not be overlooked. A healthy diet can prevent illness, shape your figure, and energize you. However, in the case of your diet and health, ignorance is not bliss, nor is it a valid excuse.

A great way to take the guesswork out of diet planning is the use of nutritional apps. Acting as in-pocket dieticians and health consultants, these kitchen aides can help you gather healthy recipes, plan future meals, learn the caloric values of foods, and even send you reminders to drink the recommended amount of water each day. Eight to ten glasses a day.

Exercise Apps

Tonight’s feature film, “Honey, I Shrunk the Personal Trainer,” is set in a future time when your Wi-Fi connection can be used for more than just streaming Netflix.

Fitness apps have grown in sophistication over the years, and while they can’t exactly imitate the human element that sets forth personal training as a valuable growth commodity, they can offer a wealth of other benefits.

Preempt your visit to the gym with a hot cup of coffee and the right instructional fitness videos. These videos can help you help dispel myths and straighten question marks out into exclamation points.

Many apps exist that can assist you in assembling common-sense gym routines, enroll you in competitive challenges, and track the time, distance and details of your run, bike or swim with military satellite precision.

Health Monitors

Some of the latest advances in medicine have been in the field of wearable technology; changes that can be credited, in large part, to the widespread accessibility of WiFi and our desire to stay wired.

Smart phones, tablets, and watches are leading a new enlightenment period, where people now have acute awareness of BPMs. We’re not talking music, DJ Tiesto, we’re talking heart rates and health vitals.

If all of this technology talk is causing you to lose sleep at night, download a sleep-tracking app and find out why.

Social Clubs

And finally, if you feel like unplugging from the internet long enough to hang out with other, fitness-minded humans — gasp — in the flesh, social apps can help. Use the power of the internet to search for local fitness events, happy hour mixers, and gym hangouts and see where life takes you.

Remember: Modifying your choices in content can lead to increased production and the achievement of personal goals. Take pride in your personal development and start wearing your sweat with a smile.

David Jolovitz is the Director of Health & Wellness at the Sephardic Center and the founder/CEO of, an online fitness brand dedicated to the development of mind and muscle.

By: David Jolovitz, CPT



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