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Jewish Woman in UK Gets Special Note from Prince Harry & Meghan Markle



The upcoming royal wedding of the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, and American actress Meghan Markle has the world royally exited. The couple has received well wishes from exited royal watchers as well as other celebrities and heads of state from around the world–but not everyone receives a personalized note in response, except of course, for Edna Levi, who lives just outside Leeds, England and is a members of the Leeds Jewish community.

The British born Levi, who is in her eighties, sent a congratulatory note expressing her “Mazel Tov” to the newly engaged couple, wanting to feel part of the excitement regarding the royal and highly publicized nuptials. What Ms. Levi did not expect when she checked her mail one day was a letter delivered straight from Buckingham Palace. Surely thousands of well wishers had sent similar notes to the couple, and yet Harry and Megan responded personally to the woman’s letter, leaving her both shocked and elated.

Ms. Levi’s note in part read:

“I’m British born but a member of the Jewish faith and we say Mazel Tov on a happy occasion. This is why I am saying it to you and wishing you well and good health.”

The prince and his American fiancée were so touched by the note they wrote back how “thoughtful” and “greatly appreciated” Ms. Levi’s words were.

“I’ve never written to the royal family before but I like Prince Harry because of the way he looks after charities, he’s a nice, normal young man,” said Ms. Levi, who was beyond shocked that she received such a heartfelt and personal reply.

Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, are to marry May 18th at Windsor Castle in what is to be a televised occasion. The couple had received so much publicity during their courtship that Kensington Palace issued a letter warning the press to leave Ms. Meghan alone and also called out certain publications for their stories on the couple featuring sexist and racial undertones. Ms. Markle, who left her TV show Suits prior to the engagement, was previously married to Trevor Engelson, a Jewish film producer.

By Julie L. Sagoskin


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