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GOP’s Best Gubernatorial Contender Harry Wilson Won’t Be Running



On Monday, January 1, republican businessman Harry Wilson announced that he will not be running for New York Mayor.

This announcement came as a big relief to two-term Governor Andrew Cuomo, since the 46-year-old Wilson was his biggest challenger and considered the GOP’s best chance at beating Cuomo.

In November, Cuomo will be running for a third term as New York’s governor, and in 2020, is a possible candidate for a presidential run.

In 2010, Wilson was the GOP candidate for state comptroller, but was unsuccessful in winning the position.

Wilson is a money manager has four daughters ranging from 9-years-old to 16-years-old. He made the announcement official in a post on Facebook, in which he said that he understands that a campaign for governor “would be a 24/7 endeavor through Election Day.” He added, “This is a level of family time and commitment that would not be possible at any point during the campaign, in my first year in office and perhaps not at all throughout my time as governor.”

Running in the future was not ruled out by Wilson, who noted that two of his daughters would be away in college in four years, and in eight years all of his daughters would have gone off to college.

The Republican contenders that are now being considered to run for governor this year are Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb who is definitely going to try for nomination, State Sen. John DeFrancisco, Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro and former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra are all possible contenders.

According to The Post, “Cuomo moved to try to scare off a Wilson challenge by securing the Independence Party nomination last month. Wilson ran under the Independence Party line and garnered 110,000 votes on it when he narrowly lost the comptroller’s race to Democrat Tom DiNapoli in 2010. But Cuomo also ran on the Indy Party line when he won the governorship in 2010 and 2014. Cuomo is not without challenges. A bid-rigging scandal has tarnished his upstate economic development program, and former top aide Joe Percoco goes on trial on federal corruption charges later this month. He also has taken flak for deteriorating subway service.”

By Mark Snyder


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