The Fallacy of “Open Borders”

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This past week, two of our Southern Border Patrol Agents were pelted with rocks, perhaps even shot, leaving one dead and the other severely injured. More violence on the Mexican border with no end in sight until President Trump’s border wall is in place. The culprits and murderers were illegal aliens entering our country as if it were their right. And of course, according to the Progressive Liberals, anyone wishing to come to the “land of milk and honey” is justified in doing so. “Open Borders” was and still is the cry of both Democrat presidential candidate Hillary and Bernie, the guy she elbowed out during the primary race. Law and order at the border had been put on hold for the eight years of the Obama presidency and illegals had the green light to traipse across the border at will. And woe be it for any Border Patrol agent attempting to stop the flow of drug merchants, gang members and any Middle Easterners streamng across, by the use of force or with his weapon. Our agents were and still are sitting ducks. And they’ve been paying the penalty with their lives. 38 agents have died on duty since late 2003. This madness has to stop. It was not always this way with immigration and immigrants.

Years back, immigration to the United States was a cut and dried matter. You applied to the American consul’s office, got your visa by showing a sponsor who was responsible for your housing and employment, then received approval from your home government and then you had to be included within the quota set by the U.S. immigration bureau for your particular country. But even if you were fortunate enough to get on board the ship and land at Ellis Island, you still had to pass a rigid medical exam. Any disease or ailment on the list of those that would disqualify you from entry would have the customs agents return you to the ship for a return to your homeland.

Entry into our country was a privilege not a right. There were no social workers or mental health counselors waiting at the docks to give aid and comfort to the immigrants who, after they were checked out and given permission to stay were generally at a loss as to where to go. But they came to flee actual persecution and to better the lives of their families. They did not demand financial support, housing, employment or medical benefits. They came with the shirts on their backs, ready to work and to become part of this great land. And they prospered.

Without a doubt, most of you reading this paper today can recall the tales of your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles recounting their adventures while getting here and how they coped with a new nation, language and rules. And they went by the rules in order to accomplish their goals. The children of those Jews who came to escape persecution were never seen rioting while waving the flags of Russia, Poland or Hungary. Italians never demanded that Italian be accepted as a second language in our schools.

European immigrants were so happy to be here that they became tradesmen, factory workers or self employed and they then encouraged their children to excel in school, to become professionals and to assimilate into this great country as true, loyal Americans. We endorse President Trump’s goals to put up the wall, require immigrants to have the necessary language and employment skills to prosper and without a doubt, no criminal records before setting one foot on our shores.


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