Are Women’s Rights Really Protected?

The Democrats have unleashed a Pandora’s box labeled, “Sexual Accusations,” that may very well bury them in subsequent elections. They appear now to be running their election campaigns not based on taxes, foreign affairs, jobs or improvement of education but rather are using sex-smear allegations against their Republican opponents. We can see the upcoming mid-term elections with the progressives lining up women senior citizens claiming they were sexually harassed and mauled by Republican candidates way back when they were still trying to memorize the times table in the second grade. This lunacy and openly fraudulent technique of gaining political power will doom the party of the Left because it is they, their current and former leaders who have crossed the sexual line more often than Walter Payton did dashing over the gridiron goal line with football in hand.

Liberals have always posed as pretending to be allies of women but all the while we knew it was a scam. The plan to garner the women’s vote was to charge the big, bad Right Wingers with being abusers of the fair sex. They coined the phrase, “Women have the right to control their bodies,” in order to push through abortion legislation. Of course, no one had the nerve to bring out the fact that a fetus is created with the slight help of a male who lost all control of that budding embryo in the court of law. But not all males have been targeted by the Loony Left as sexual fiends. Only the ones on the Right: Republicans. Do these accusers, who have labeled Conservatives as the masters of sexual crimes really believe the American public, both males and females, have no intelligence or memories of the recent past? The mainstream media, now fully aligned with the Radical Left has been having a tough time not reporting the sexual transgressions of their once vaunted heroes.

Anthony Weiner, who has recently entered a prison on a federal obscenity charge was as close to Chuck Schumer and the Clintons as could be. Yet, they knew nothing of his perversities. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) was accused of grabbing a woman 40 years ago. In defense, he may claim, as he has falsely admitted, that he was earning medals in Vietnam at that time. And how about Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who barely escaped a jail term for federal corruption charges and his romps with under-aged Dominican hookers?

And here we now have Sen. Al Franken, (D-Minn) whose hands are caught on the breasts of a sleeping model while he smiles smugly for the camera. Molesting a woman while she sleeps and boasting of it by distributing a photo of it around the world? Holy smokes! Who can believe a fire breathing pro-abortion, pro everything-that women-demand-guy could be a molester himself? Troubling, to say the least and not a murmur of the possibility he may resign his seat for such a transgression. And let’s bring the Kennedy’s and their brutalization of women while in sitting in the Senate or the White House. Need we mention the names of Joanne Kopechne and Marilyn Monroe and their deaths while being sexually exploited by both Ted and John of that Holy Roller family?

Let the Dems and the MSM finally admit that they never really believed all that bubkis they were throwing at us that they were the party of and for women’s rights. It was and still is a fake-out for the libbers’ votes. And these victims should by now be well aware they were scammed. We call on the Democrats to finally rise to the level of facing the real issues we voters are concerned with. And that includes, taxes, immigration, Israel, education, jobs, national security and health legislation. It’s time for them to stop using phony anti-women, anti-gay and anti-black-minority accusations against the Republicans and finally mature to the party they once represented ages ago. Anyone wanna bet on it?


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