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WindowsWear: Fashion in the Digital Age



Best Shoe Window, Jimmy Choo, Milan

Best White Window, Calvin Klein Collection

Best Adaptation Runway to Window Louis Vuitton Display

Best Blue Window, Harvey Nichols, London

To view the latest fashion window displays around the world in real time, you can check out WindowsWear, a one of a kind visual database encompassing 700 brands throughout the world’s fashion capitals. This technologically fashion forward company even offers fashion window walking tours throughout New York, the fashion capital of the world. Windowswear CEO, Jon Harari, co-founded the company with Chairman and President Mike Niemtzow and Creative Director Raul Tovar. Headquartered in New York City, WindowsWear has grown to include a client base of global retailers and brands including Ralph Lauren, Harrods, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and many more. features fashion displays dating back to 1931 and serves as the world’s largest fashion window and in-store display database.  WindowsWear also launched the retail industry’s leading store real time communications app which is now available to download at Most recently, Harari and his team founded the WindowsWear Museum at Berekeley College to celebrate, educate and preserve the world’s best fashion visual displays. The museum aims to bring attention to the creativity of fashion and the professionals behind the fashion culture. 

Windowswear, headquartered in New York City, was born when Jon Harari and Mike Niemtzow combined their ideas and experience; Mike had the idea of digitizing window displays while Jon understand firsthand the challenges retailers face in today’s shifting digital environment. The WindowsWear database now features brands and windows from Paris, London, Mexico City, Berlin, Tokyo, and many more fashion forward cities around the world. 

Prior to his foray into fashion, Jon Harari, whose parents emigrated to the US from Israel in the 1970’s and both worked at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., started his career in the finance world. In addition to working at Aurelius Capital Management and Lehman Brothers, Jon established US market opportunities for internationally based designers through retail stores, PR, events, etc. and even had his own women’s clothing store. Jon currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Baruch College and is also a Board Member of Berkeley College’s Fashion Advisory Board.

Jon said he was most excited “about building a global database and community that had never been created before, with lots of room for exciting growth.”

Harari and Niemtzow realized that in order to build a successful company that would be capable of partnering with the world’s leading brands, they needed the right creative lead, which is when they brought on Raul Tovar who Jon had worked with at his clothing store. Raul, who is now the Creative Director of WindowsWear, is a world-renowned fashion photographer who works with Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and many other internationally recognized publications. 

In just five years, this fashion database has grown to a global team of over 20 people. Jon attributes this rapid growth to the idea of celebrating the global visual creatives that work in the fashion industry. 

Jon explained that “visual merchandising is a billion dollar industry employing tens of thousands of people worldwide. We are the only company elevating and celebrating the work of all visual creatives globally in today’s digital age, as well as having a global community of these creators where they can share ideas and work with each other.”

When it comes to technology shaking up the fashion world, Jon believes “fashion is an expression of one’s identity and technology is the biggest change to impact our individual identities and the ways we express them. It’s the reason why traditional technology companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon have all launched stores in traditional fashion districts around the world. Jon also believes that in the near future, “the proliferation of augmented and virtual reality will not only change the way we interact with the physical world but also the fashion we wear.  Our clothing will be able to digitally engage and communicate. 3D printing will also change how our clothing is made as especially as there is a big push in the industry for sustainability.”

As fashion continues to change with the times, WindowsWear continues to stay on top of the latest trends around the world. As future technologies develop, WindowsWear continues to serve as an endless source for research, inspiration, retail trends, competitive analysis, designers, brands and creative professionals worldwide.  In addition, every year, WindowsWear hosts an annual global awards party to celebrate the world’s best visual creative teams. 

For a WindowsWear walking tour, head to  and use promo code Jewish Voice for a 20% discount!

By Julie L. Sagoskin

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