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Tziporah Kaplan, daughter of HaRav Meir Kahane ztk’l, Passes Away at 56



Tziporah Feige Kaplan, the daughter of the late Rabbi and MK Meir Kahane, founder of The Jewish Defense League and the Kach party who was assassinated in New York by an Arab gunman, passed away over Shabbat at the age of 56, after suffering a severe CVA over a week ago.

The funeral took place this past Motzei Shabbat at the Har Hamenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem where her father as well as late brother, Binyamin Ze’ev and late sister-in-law Talia are buried.  

In 2014, at an event marking 24 years since the murder of Rabbi Kahane, Rebbetzin Kaplan told Arutz Sheva that “the thing that most characterized him as a father was his concern for our education. He never tired of telling us how important it was for us to study Torah when we were young, to take in as much as we can learn, because it’s a treasure for your whole life.”

“There’s another thing he said many times – that it hurt him a lot that he wasn’t with us all the time. He really was, first and foremost, an educator. Everything he did was as an educator. We are very proud of his self-sacrifice. He had unique courage, the courage not to be afraid,” she had said.

At her levaya, hespedim were delivered by such people as Baruch Marzel, a long time follower of Rabbi Kahane, ztk’l. He said of her: “She stood out as a woman of kindness in Kiryat Moshe – and you know that in Kiryat Moshe it is difficult to stand out in this area. Everyone knew her modesty, and she spread a lot of kindness. Her brother was murdered by terrorists, her father was murdered by terrorists. She had a very difficult life. A very good woman.”

Israel Bramson, a resident of Hebron who originally lived in Kiryat Moshe and was a neighbor of the Kaplans told Srugim “she was a neighbor of my parents’ in Kiryat Moshe, we met her for many years. She was an amazing woman. A housewife who was the focal point of the home in all matters. A woman of virtue by anyone’s yardstick. A wondrous woman in every way.”

Edited by: JV Staff

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