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The Danger of the Muslim Brotherhood



Kudos to and G-d bless the organization, ACT for America, and its founder Brigitte Gabriel for organizing anti-sharia rallies throughout the U.S. on June 10th. The NYC event will take place at Foley Square at 10AM.  These nationwide assemblies labeled, “March Against Sharia-March for Human Rights” will be attempts to educate the public to the goals of Radical Islam. Scott Presler, one of the organizers of the events said, “The Left will try to paint the rallies as ‘Islamophobic’ and anti-Muslim, because that’s what the Left always does in its defense of the Islamist agenda. If radical leftists want to hold counter protests in favor of, let’s say, female mutilation, the cutting off of hands of thieves and the death penalty for former Muslims who have left the faith, they are more than welcome to do so,” he said. 

We have to go no further than the news reports just this past weekend from London concerning the third Islamic terror attack in that country within just two months. Europe is currently reeling from the violence spurred on by those who fervently believe that the only way to bring peace to the world is through remaking it into a religious Caliphate governed by sharia law. In that already beleaguered continent it is already a violation punishable by incarceration for anyone to even speak negatively about Islam, its founder or its laws (sharia). Geert Wilder, the Dutch legislator who has already stood trial in that nation for denigrating the violence of Muslims claims that “speaking the truth in Europe is now considered illegal if it concerns the laws of Islam (sharia).” 

Just this past week, Muslims by the hundreds blocked the street in front of Trump Towers in the city by holding prayer services for the holy month of Ramadan. Fifth Avenue and 57th St. is one of the most crowded intersections in the city and since there are numerous mosques in town in which to pray, the message was evidently sent to President Trump about how Muslims feel about his intent to stomp out Islamic terror in our country. All the more reason for us all to stand behind our duly elected leader to show our support for his outspoken intent to protect us from the same terrorism enveloping England and Europe no matter from which religion it stems.

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