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Terror in London Touches Us All



Police shoot and kill one of the terrorists involved in the deadly attack in Central London

We are a nation in turmoil. We are hopelessly divided politically and morally. Colleges are chasing white students and professors off campuses so that students “of color” can have a day or two without the feeling of oppression. Free speech in our communities and universities is as dead as a door nail. Conservatives cannot hold rallies without the Radical Left shutting them down, drowning them out with threats, curses or bullhorns. The Hollywood-Entertainment mob calls for the beheading of President Trump. A top Democrat House member calls Republicans “scumbags.” At Notre Dame, when Vice President Mike Pence was delivering the commencement address to graduates, he was booed, students stood and turned their backs on him and hundreds of others walked out. And he was a former governor of Indiana where that school proudly stands. The pride of Notre Dame is gone. Sadly, it is not alone among our colleges.

 So, what can be done to reclaim democracy, free speech and open dialogue among those who have diverse opinions on topics ranging along race, eating habits, politics, religion, sex, marriage, immigration and on and on? What can bring us all together as one nation, accepting our differences openly, freely and without rancor and hate? It would be very easy to simply throw in the towel and give in to the crumbling of our democracy leaving us wide open to an irrational election or even a revolution placing a Castro or Chavez type into power. Citizens of a rational mind-set must start to speak out openly and bravely calling for the return of unrestricted speech, the right to assemble peacefully and democratically and the return of leadership to our universities. And lastly but perhaps the most critical…..having our electorate mature to the point where they select our elected officials not by party preference but by qualifications so that our leadership can once again focus on guiding our nation back to where it once was: the envy of the rest of the world and the pride of American citizens. Let us all pray……..a

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