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Sears Now Markets “Free Palestine” & “End Israeli Occupation” T-Shirts



Another example of a “Free Palestine” t-shirt

Free Gaza T-Shirt

Sears Roebuck, one of America’s best known department store chains, is now offering its customers “Free Palestine” tee shirts in a variety of colors and sizes.

Customers can choose from tee shirts, tank tops and hoodies in men’s and women’s sizes imprinted with slogans that include “I love Palestine,” End Israeli Occupation,” and “Free Gaza.” Some shirts feature maps of “Palestine” imposed on the map Israel. Others display the Palestine Liberation flag and a clenched fist in PLO colors.

According to the Sears’ website, the shirts are processed and printed in the United States and sold by a German clothing company called Spread Shirt, which permits other companies to feature their designs on their own websites.

“Make a statement about the Arab-Israeli conflict with this powerful design,” one statement reads, a “must-have for all wardrobes.”

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