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Celebrating the 129th Anniversary of Katz’s Deli 

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Katz’s Delicatessen on your 129th Anniversary! Eating at Katz’s Delicatessen is a religious experience for those who enjoy great deli. Forget the fancy tablecloths, waiters and sparkling bottled water in other restaurants. Go to the Manhattan Lower Eastside of our ancestors to enjoy authentic New York food eaten by generations of Big Apple residents. Your bubbee would be proud. Take a day free from worrying about cholesterol and your weight to enjoy life!

When out-of-town friends or family come to visit, they always insist we go to Katz’s for a great lunch. There is no equivalent to Katz’s deli-style good grub. Don’t forget to stuff a dollar in the tip cup for the counterman who serves you. Your reward will be a great sample of what’s to come. In front of your eyes while you salivate in anticipation, he will build a sandwich requiring two hands to eat.

The restaurant is a trip down memory lane, with photographs of celebrities from different eras. 

You can learn more about our past history at Katz’s than visiting any local museum. The list of all the famous customers who have visited Katz’s over the many decades is amazing. Look closely at the back of some chairs. Perhaps a former president or two or some other famous individual used the same seat. Every winning politician in decades has made a campaign stop at Katz’s!

The portions and quality continue to be one of the best buys in New York today. Anyone still hungry after dining there must have a tapeworm! Let’s hope the continuing redevelopment of this neighborhood doesn’t also overrun Katz’s as well!


Larry Penner

Is the Political System “Broken”?

Dear Editor:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

(Albert Einstein)

A year ago if I would of asked of you ‘how are things doing’ you would said the system is broken. Two years ago the reply would have been the system is broken. Three years ago..

In a year from now it will be the same in all likelihood. Unless we get up, get out ,and do what needs to be done. We all want our town to be greater. It should be greater.

Elections are here again. 

Many of you are jaded? If we vote for a superior slate, now that we’ve been given the chance, it will soon be a mum oiver. Many are numb? Like Bnei Yisroel in Mitzra’im when Moshe came?

Wake Up! Or we’ll miss our opportunity!

The oligarchs who control the  town tell us continuously how wonderful the public is, but when it comes to speaking to Trenton on behalf of the BOE or any other , their invariable excuse for our problems  is that the system is broken. They never say that to the voters however. Because? They wish to stay in office. They turn around and instantaneously give us their cheery smile and speak  about sunshine.

 We expect more from Lakewood We ought to. In our hearts we feel it ought to be so much grander. And it could be.

 Every positive change will demand taking  a sort of leap of faith, whether personal , communal or electoral. It will require going beyond the lethargy we’ve  gotten used to, our default comfort zone. Go ask any therapist, mashgiach or statesman.

This is how all progress comes if it is to come .. 

 May we merit together through our collective activism the fulfillment of Michah 4:4 וְיָשְׁב֗וּ אִ֣ישׁ תַּ֧חַת גַּפְנֹ֛ו וְתַ֥חַת תְּאֵנָתֹ֖ו וְאֵ֣ין מַחֲרִ֑יד


Rabbi Y. Cohen


Wants Infrastructure Improvements in Lakewood

Dear Editor, 

Over the years, there seems to have been a push by the township to increase housing in Lakewood. In my opinion, although it is important to look to the future, it is also important to look back and take note that there has been too much effort put into increasing housing and not enough emphasis placed on improving the infrastructure.

I feel that this has to be reversed in order for there to be a proper correction in town. Going forward, the boards and the committee must take a forceful stance against new housing. Variances should only be granted on very rare occasions. No more spot zoning should take place in Lakewood. 


Avraham Sharaby

Republican Candidate for Lakewood Township Committee

The JV’s “Great” Coverage of Trump’s Trip 

Dear Editor:

I must say that the coverage that the Jewish Voice provided for President Trump’s visit to Israel was beyond remarkable. While most news publications gave the story short shrift and a kind of abridged rendition, the Jewish Voice really went above and beyond the call of journalistic duty by offering the reader not only a main story but seven different sidebar stories; all equally interesting. I can tell you that I and others really got a lot out of the president’s first international sojourn.  We are very thankful that President Trump put Israel on the top of his international agenda and that the Jewish Voice was there to cover it.


Max Amster

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