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Weiner Could Face Federal Indictment on Sexting Charges with Underage Girl



Seems like embattled ex-Brooklyn congressman Anthony Weiner is still embroiled in controversy

Seems like embattled ex-Brooklyn congressman Anthony Weiner is still embroiled in controversy, as was reported by the NYP. The paper ran an article that indicated that  an indictment against Weiner might be approaching as a federal grand jury reviews charges against him for sexting and other online encounters with girl considered to be a legal minor. 

On Tuesday, the paper reported that evidence revolving around the disgraced elected official’s steamy communications with a teenager living out of state would be turned over to a grand jury by the end of the month for their consideration. The paper garnered this information from a law enforcement source.

Those schooled in legal matters related to sexting with underage individuals have opined that the latest scandal that Weiner finds himself in the middle of could possibly result in him being charged with sexual exploitation of children, which is a federal charge. The minimum sentence after being found guilty of this kind of charge would be a 15 year stay in prison and a maximum of 30 years.   

The Post reported that the investigation of the ousted pol is taking place both in Manhattan, where Weiner currently resides and in North Carolina, the domicile listed for the 15-year old girl that he sent lewd and lascivious messages to as well as half naked selfie shots of himself. 

To protect his actual identity while engaging in his prurient antics online, Weiner had once chosen the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” as a screen name. During his encounters with the teenager from North Carolina, the Post reported that he used the screen name “T Dog.” The girl in question told investigators that the sexting episodes began in January and extended through July. 

The girl’s irate father had blasted Weiner and said his behavior with a young girl was “absolutely criminal.” He added that: “I’ll be in jail if I come into contact with him.”

The story of Weiner’s latest salacious endeavors was broken by the Daily Mail of London as was the expected grand-jury investigation.

This is not the first time that Weiner has been caught red handed when it comes to sexting. Weiner’s addiction has resulted in him losing his Congressional seat where he represented citizens of both Brooklyn and Queens. It also cost him his New York City mayoral bid when more information surfaced about his sexual dalliances.  

Weiner’s growing troubles have not stopped there. In August, it was reported that Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, was filing for divorce after a picture of his crotch area that he had sent to another woman emerged. In the shot was also his son, which prompted an investigation into whether Weiner is fit to be a responsible parent. Abedin was an influential and chief aide to Hillary Clinton. The Democratic nominee’s husband, Bill Clinton performed the marriage ceremony between Weiner and Abedin. 

On a related note, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has called on rival Clinton to return $550 in donations from Weiner due to the “extremely disturbing” allegations.

By: Peter Raimonson

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