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95 Year-Old NYC Appeals Lawyer Releases New Books in Mystery Series



Former appeals lawyer Sally Weinraub is celebrating her 95th birthday in grand fashion. She’s releasing the first four books in her new mystery series all at once

After gathering stories from veterans on board the USS Intrepid which is docked along the West Side piers in Manhattan, author Sally Weinraub wrote “Murder on the Intrepid”

New York City Sleuth Emily Lewis Investigates Murders While Seeking A Divorce In Reno, Going Backstage On Broadway, Visiting The Intrepid Museum, And Stepping Inside A Brooklyn Mikvah Bath.

Former appeals lawyer Sally Weinraub is celebrating her 95th birthday in grand fashion. She’s releasing the first four books in her new mystery series all at once. Books Six Weeks Time, Murder On The Intrepid, Death Of A Goddess, and Murder At The Mikvah mark the debut of British-born sleuth Emily Lewis, an appeals lawyer in New York.

“Why should anyone in this day and age have to wait to see what mystery Emily solves next?” Weinraub said. “At 95, publishing all the books at once works for me!” Her strategy fits right in to today’s on-demand, binge entertainment trend.

Weinraub emigrated from Manchester, England to Brooklyn during World War II, had a traditional Syrian-Jewish wedding, and four children. She became an editor of the Victory Bulletin, a wartime monthly newspaper sent to soldiers abroad and their families in the community. Then she went back to school, graduating first in her class at Manhattanville College. At 50, Weinraub went to Brooklyn Law School, made Law Review, and was one of just 14 women out of 104 in her graduating class. Afterward, she worked as an appeals lawyer for some 30 years.

After retiring, Weinraub began writing mystery novels with bits of her own life woven in. Her first four delightful cozy mysteries feature main character Emily in her relentless quest to unmask murderers and free the falsely accused, Emily often stumbles into danger herself. Her British reserve almost obscures her passionate nature. Travel with Emily as she unravels:

Murder at the Mikvah – Hannah, 17, has just had a traditional bridal sweney in preparation to be married to an older businessman, when she is accused of murdering her young lover at the mikvah ritual bathhouse in 1990s Brooklyn. Appeals lawyer Emily and private eye Sid set out to prove her innocence. But Hannah falls into the hands of a criminal gang, and Emily, searching to free her, is almost too late. When the murderer’s identity and motive are revealed, it’s a searing surprise. [AUTHOR BIO: Like Hannah, Weinraub had a sweney and went to the Mikvah.]

In Six Weeks’ Time – In 1964 New Yorker Emily Lewis seeks a divorce and goes to Reno for the required six weeks’ stay. She expects to be lonely and bored. Instead she is surprised by the camaraderie of the guesthouse men and women also awaiting their papers. The seeming idyll is shattered by a murder. When Inspector Reeves asks Emily to watch her fellow guests, she unwillingly agrees to help and is drawn into a complex and dangerous web, including a strange encounter with a cross-dresser. [AUTHOR BIO: Like Emily, Weinraub stayed in Reno for six weeks to obtain a divorce.]

Death of a Goddess – Before a packed 1970s Broadway audience, Raymond Stark furiously stabs his glorious leading lady and ex-lover, Elena, with a fake knife. She rises to take her bows but is later found stabbed to death backstage. Raymond is arrested, and his friend, Lou Massey, and girlfriend Emily agree to investigate. They collide with a gang of jewel thieves and Lou is almost killed before apprehending the true villain. [AUTHOR BIO: Weinraub gained exclusive Broadway backstage access for the book.]

Murder on the Intrepid – The U.S.S. Intrepid arrives in NYC in 1982 as a war museum. The carrier’s old shipmates hold a reunion on the ship. Daniel Frey, a WWII veteran, travels from California for the reunion, hoping to retrieve a lost memory. When he is discovered standing over the dead bodies of two skinheads, he is arrested and found guilty of murder. Emily and her new boyfriend Sid, a private eye, expose the real killer. [AUTHOR BIO: Weinraub gathered stories from veterans on board the ship.]

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