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Blaming Bernstein; The Jewish Gun Dealer



The Daily News uses misleading headlines and choppy language, offsetting the huge picture of the bearded Jew holding or aiming guns, looking vulnerable next to the armed Jewish giant.

Isn’t an American Jew Allowed to Own a Gun Shop?

As New York watches to see what will happen to two police officers shot by a crazed punk, New York’s Daily News seems eager to assign blame for the two attempted murders and the would-be cop killer’s successful suicide – on a Bronx-born Orthodox Jew.

Two days in a row New York’s self-described “home-town paper has featured enormous half page photos of Mr. Bill Bernstein, a New York businessman who moved to Tennessee some years ago became one of more than 50,000 Americans who owned a legal, regulation-compliant gun shop. The Daily News uses misleading headlines and choppy language, offsetting the huge picture of the bearded Jew holding or aiming guns with tiny sad pictures of the wounded policeman, looking vulnerable next to the armed Jewish giant.

Perhaps because Bernstein is a politically active Republican who has plans to run for public office in Tennessee, the Daily News seems determined to cast blame his way, mocking his responses to questions. When quoting Bernstein explaining his views, here’s how they framed his quote: “… New York has a criminal problem, as opposed to a ‘gun’ problem,” he clucked. (emphasis mine)

Besides quoting him as if he were a chicken, the publication claimed the 2010 gun purchase was ‘dicey’ despite the fact that Fedearal agents completed a thorough investigation and found no impropriety. Inevitably, the only “questionable” thing the News could cite was the fact that the original purchaser (neither Bernstein nor his store ever had any contact with the shooter) apparently lived in Tennessee, but mysteriously (to the Daily News) he moved to New York.

Still the big -nearly full-page headline in bright red trumpets a quote sliced exactly where the Daily News can make unsubstantiated implications:

I sold gun used on cops, but …

So apparently the original purchaser sold or was in some other way relieved of the gun, which made its way to a criminal. And when Bernstein tries once again to explain himself, the Daily News acts as if his defense is an over-reaction. Here they quote him like this: “That’s simply wrong,” Bernstein said of criticism.

The Daily News ends the story with an offbase fact meant to promote an almost hysterical blaming of Bernstein. Their story ended:

One year before the gun sale, Bernsteinwas a vocal backer of the repeal of a Tennessee law requiring thumbprints from weapon buyers.

American law forbids the criminalization of political opinions.

Avi Ben-Mordechai

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