Fifth Avenue Synagogue to Join in Food Drive

Fifth Avenue Synagogue in New York City. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Fifth Avenue Synagogue members will be joining the Chabad Relief Project monthly food drive on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, when two hundred boxes of food will be packed and delivered to poor and near-poor households in Manhattan. The January 19th food drive is co-sponsored by Fifth Avenue Synagogue and Chabad Relief Project.

Despite the common perception that there are only affluent Jewish households in Manhattan, there are an estimated more than 10,000 poverty-level households there. And because of this misperception, the Jewish poor of Manhattan are often lacking food.

“Chabad Relief Project helps fill the void by delivering boxes of food monthly to two hundred poor and near-poor households in Manhattan. Although focusing on the Jewish community, Chabad Relief also provides food to identified non-Jewish poor households,” said Rabbi Noach Heber, Director of Chabad Relief.

The monthly food drive is a Jewish volunteer event – it’s a place where the community gets together to do the packing and delivering of non-perishable food items to those in need.

“Many of the Fifth Avenue Synagogue’s members, including its teens and preteens, have decided to join in the upcoming food drive to do a Chesed – kindness – for those that need food right in our own backyard,” said Fifth Avenue Synagogue President Jacob D. Gold. Fifth Avenue Synagogue Chairman, Dr. Walter Malofsky, is also an enthusiastic supporter of the event.

According to Sandra Justin, a Member of the Fifth Avenue Synagogue and a loyal volunteer, ‘”the food drive is an amazing way to show my children what to do to help others.” Sandra feels so much for the cause that she decided, together with her husband Jeffrey, to dedicate the co-sponsored drive in honor of all the victims of terror in Israel.

About Chabad Relief Project: The Chabad Relief Project brings volunteers from all backgrounds together to participate in the act of kindness. With energetic leadership, Chabad Relief creates excitement around the fundamental values of charity and community. Our monthly food distributions allow the less fortunate in our own backyard to benefit from and connect to their own community, making their lives easier. Chabad Relief Project is an affiliate of Chabad of Midtown.


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