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Terror Attack Strikes Modi’in for First Time



For the first time since the recent wave of terror began in September, the city of Modi’in was targeted in what appears to be a nationally motivated attack. Photo Credit: Ehud Amiton/TPS

For the first time since the recent wave of terror began in September, the city of Modi’in was targeted in what appears to be a nationally motivated attack.

On Tuesday afternoon, December 15, the Modi’in police were called after a worker in the Tziporim neighborhood of the city apparently attacked his employer with what was described as a “blunt object.”

The attacker, a 39-year-old resident from the adjacent village of Beit Sirah, then proceeded to attack a worker nearby leaving both in moderate condition.

The attack was stopped after workers nearby subdued the assailant until police arrived at the scene and arrested him. Initial investigations following his arrest indicate that the attack was nationalistically motivated.

Paramedics arriving at the scene provided first aid treatment to the two injured victims, one of whom was a 28-year-old Palestinian man who suffered injuries to his upper body but was fully conscious. The second victim was a 50-year-old man who sustained light injuries to his upper body.

Shortly after the attack, both victims were taken in an ambulance to Tel Hashomer hospital where they were treated in the hospital’s trauma unit. It later emerged that one of the victims was in serious condition while the other remained in moderate condition.

The attack is unusual both because it is the first of its kind to take place in Modi’in and also because of the age of the attacker. The exact circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under investigation by police.

On Monday,  Jerusalem was hit with a vehicular terrorist attack at the Chords Bridge near the city’s Central Bus Station. The number of victims injured in the car-ramming attack was the highest of any one attack during the current wave of terrorist attacks.

The terrorist, 21-year-old Muhsan Hassunah, who rammed his car into the bus stop was a Palestinian from the Arab neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem known as Beit Hanina. Police reported that the terrorist drove into a bus stop on Herzl Boulevard near Jerusalem’s Chords Bridge, directly hitting a crowd of people standing at the bus stop.

According to a police spokesperson, “a civilian security guard who noticed the attack, immediately shot and killed the terrorist before he managed to exit the vehicle and attack the civilians. An ax was found in the terrorist’s vehicle,” he said. (TPS)

Jerusalem District Police Chief, Moshe Edri also praised the swift response of the security guard. “His quick and accurate response which neutralized the terrorist prevented an even bigger attack.”

Among the victims was a baby who had to have his foot amputated by doctors in order to save his life.   (TPS)

Alexander J Apfel

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