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Terrorism and the POTUS: A Man in Over His Head



Sunday night’s speech by President Obama has to be characterized as dull and void. He stated nothing new about our hapless situation and involvement in the Middle East. Sorry, but we were looking for a fair, honest and straightforward presentation of facts on any new actions we were about to embark on related to our war with radical Islam in Syria and our skyrocketing Muslim domestic problem and we got ….nada, nothing new. Rather we were led astray by a leader speaking with no emotion, feeling or sincerity. Again, he was, without shame reading robot-like from a prepared script posted on his crutch-like teleprompter as if he had better business to attend to. In fact, we learned that he was hustled off right after the 14 minute talk to over 300 concerned million Americans to attend another fund raiser.

Just a few shotgun points on his talk that had our heads shaking. He claimed that he attends a security briefing every morning to bone up on the threats to Americans. The Washington Post reports that our president attends only 38% of such briefings. He claimed that more stringent gun control laws would reduce the number of mass shootings. The recent San Bernardino slaughter was in the state of California that has the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Chicago, which is the killing capital of the land, has suffered over 417 shot dead and 2,380 wounded by gunfire just this year alone. Rather than banning guns from those who pass security and harsh background checks, why not imprison criminals using unregistered weapons during criminal acts, to 50 years in jail with no parole? That would do well to keep our citizens safe. Would the NAACP and the ACLU support such an action?

Rather than tell us of any new formula to defeating ISIS which has strangely soared from the Obama description as a junior varsity not to be concerned with, the president, mentioning this group at least 70 times during his talk told us that we were bombing its oil truck convoys. Terrific! But this strategy only began two weeks ago when Vladimir Putin scolded us for not doing so earlier. Obama’s hesitancy to bomb them was, as he explained, because the burning oil would harm the environment. We’re mopping our brows, thankful that during WWII our air force had no such qualms about bombing our enemies no matter how much smoke was thrown into the atmosphere. And we won that war!

Most of President Obama’s speech catered to his defense of Islam and its followers from being made the culprits in the many domestic terrorist attacks this country has sustained during the last 26 years. We humbly must remind him that since the first World Trade Center bombing until the recent California slaughter, Muslims shouting Allahu Akhbar! and having been inspired by Islamic law have reaped carnage throughout this land. Samples: The Beltway shooters, Maj. Hasan at Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon bombings, the army recruitment center shooting, Jewish center attacks, and beheadings have accounted for 89 killed during 47 terror actions by Muslims. And the hundreds of foiled plots by the FBI is being withheld by our authorities in order to reduce “retaliation” against our Muslim community.

We would have liked to have heard the president address the Muslims directly telling them to clean up their own house, prodding imams to preach love for infidels and to render invalid the Koranic verses that call for such hatred. Why didn’t he demand that such groups as CAIR, SJP, MSA and other militant organizations now associated and linked to the Muslim Brotherhood break off from this terrorist group and become democratic, American focused organizations mingling and working with Jewish and Christian groups to better the lives of all the occupants of this great land.

Enough meaningless babbling verbiage from our leader. Let’s get to work to destroy the Islamic threat to this country and the world by being open, honest and sincere when addressing those who now fear for their safety and future.

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