Jewish Voice Attracts Monumental Number of Facebook Fans

These impressive numbers represent both the unmatched quality and quantity of posts that the Jewish Voice generates on a daily basis

As the exponential rise in public visibility has been made accessible through the growing number of social media platforms, the Jewish Voice is proud to report to our readers that just during the last week of November alone, there has been an 890.1% rise in people on Facebook engaged in the site content. That percentage is equivalent to a staggering 29,803 participants.

In addition, the number of total page “likes” is up 3.5% and that translates into 28,576 new Jewish Voice fans. There have been 1,049 new visitors to the Jewish Voice Facebook page; an increase of 27.6%. The really big news to report is that the Jewish Voice’s total reach of posts on Facebook has escalated dramatically to 2.051.3% in only a week with 495,820 new Jewish Voice viewers. Jewish Voice posts are now reaching 469,629 new visitors, with an amazing percentage increase of 2,153.3%.

Clearly, these impressive numbers represent both the unmatched quality and quantity of posts that the Jewish Voice generates on a daily basis. Always keeping on the cutting edge of the minute-to-minute breaking news in the United States, Israel and around the world, the Jewish Voice continues to uphold its commitment to bring their readers the most accurate and reliable information as it unfolds.

Moreover, the Jewish Voice is constantly placing its efforts in the direction of creating powerful multi-media platforms on its web site and on social media. With the utilization of high resolution pictures, video, and crisp audio, Jewish Voice Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users can now access their news as it happens in an instantaneous fashion. News junkies will not be disappointed, as the Jewish Voice also regularly presents an eclectic array of scintillating interviews with celebrated personalities in the Jewish world and beyond along with the latest entertainment oriented gossip in our “Jewcy” section.

As marketing research studies strongly suggest, the Jewish Voice has attracted an intellectual, affluent and diverse readership. As such, a panoply of fascinating articles on such subjects as business, technology, arts and culture, books and films, epicurean delights, as well as sports, education and health related matters appear regularly on social media. So, in essence, there is always something for everyone in the Jewish Voice.

Arik Gerber, the Social Media Editor of the Jewish Voice said that “viral is more art than science, it is not easy and requires creative thinking. The key to our success is in creating content with high social value and thought about what a positive emotion is cause for readers. Our content is perceived as beneficial and useful, timely and fresh and stands out from the others. These are the reasons why readers choose to be our fans and share our content with their social media friends.”

Said one industry executive who chose to remain anonymous, “The key to the great success of The Jewish Voice for over a decade is that their entire staff labors assiduously to enhance the loftiest of journalistic ethics such as honesty, decency, objectivity and complete intergrity.

Ariella Haviv


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