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The State of the Israel State

Dear Editor,

I hope this letter finds you well.

Firstly, thank you so much for your weekly newspaper, which I always read with an utmost interest. It is very engaging!

Secondly, I would like to express my deep sadness about the current situation in the State of Israel. I thoroughly follow the international news and at this point, I have to say, I am losing hope as to how the conflict can ever be resolved.

I pray every day that we will, eventually, find peace.

Thank you so much.

Yours faithfully, Daria Hirsh

Jewish Brouhaha in Westchester

Dear Editor,

Another den of Jewish scorpions, lizards and snakes hissing and squirming underneath a rock was discovered in a New York suburb. Or to put it another way, we stumbled on a den of Reform vipers in the middle of Rick Jacobs’ Westchester, far from their usual habitat on the Upper West Side. But think about it. Isn’t it all the same from left coast to east?

The brilliant Daniel Greenfield (aka, Sultan Knish) has already been over this ground. Read what he’s said here and here. It’s a good thing to be a little crazy and unpredictable if you want to create change. What’s more, the willingness to make a personal sacrifice may be the sine qua non. It certainly was so in the 60s when young people took to the streets prepared to take a nightstick to the head. But that is not the description of a middle-aged Jew with a career, kids in school, and a name to uphold – even if he is an ardent Zionist. Let’s face it, we are oh so obvious and handicapped by our circumstances. I agree with the Sultan. Until we embrace new aggressive tactics the results will not change.

Of course, USA Jews can always take comfort that what’s being fought here are the prelims – the undercard. But the Jewish world championship (and the fate of Western civilization) is being decided right now in Israel and Obama’s Middle East, and not on the lawns of Greenburgh or in front of the 92nd Street Y. Stay tuned. The main bout is still in the early rounds. Which means it is a moral imperative for American Jewish patriots to persevere against the unJews until our great battle is won! And don’t you ever think I meant otherwise!


Dan Friedman

Is This a Portent of Things to Come?

Dear Editor:

Hillary has announced that she plans to create some 18.5 million new jobs for women now in prison, in 2017.  The ladies will be put to work producing oversized “Reset” buttons similar to the one she presented to Russian leaders while she was Secretary of State.  It was a really big hit. Remember?  The word ‘Reset’ that will appear on the buttons, will be set in all the 6,500 languages & dialects being spoken in 196 countries across the length and breadth of the Globe.  No groups of people shall be left out. The buttons will be designed, produced & packaged in special production facilities to be created and located in existing Federal Prisons for Women, by a special sole-source arrangement with the Construction Division of The Clinton Foundation.

Hillary has gone on record assuring the women prison-workers, equal pay for equal work. This is pretty much guaranteed since a tenet of the plan specifies that male prisoners may not participate in this program.  Men will still maintain a corner on the production of License Plates, however.

Delivery of the ‘Reset Buttons’ will be handled through the Foreign Offices of the Department of State.  Ambassadors will hand carry these diplomatic devices, locked in their Diplomatic Pouches until they are safely on foreign soil of the nation to which they have been assigned.  Oh, by the way – batteries are not included however, by special arrangement with the Retail Division of The Clinton Foundation, they will be available at Market Price to be determined, daily.

It is expected that Hillary will name herself as the CEO of the entire ‘Reset Button’ Project but, will keep herself apart from any business dealings, as all money matters will be handled through the Finance Division of The Clinton Foundation.  The plan calls for any profits derived as a result of this venture, shall be equally distributed, through the Charitable Division of The Clinton Foundation, to a worthwhile charity to be named at a later date by either Chelsea Clinton or her dog, Michele.

Hillary has announced that there are no plans to share details of this truly noble endeavor with the public, since this could impinge on the rights of women prisoners now serving ‘Life’ terms.  There will be a website available so that citizens with more than their share of wealth can contribute to the ‘Reset Button’ program via credit cards but, there will be no e-mail access.

It is only speculation on the part of this writer but, it is my guess that this is a part of Hillary’s alternate plan in the event that this ‘presidency thing’ doesn’t pan out in her favor.


Mort Kuff

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