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The Pope’s Fallible Fables



Pope Francis is looking to the wily leader in President Barrack Obama to align as powerful political and spiritual operatives in their quest to save the world.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told an audience gathered at a White House conference on June 23rd that “normal people”, not climate deniers will win the debate on global warming.

A prominent German professor, John Schellnhuber who is known to comment in the past that the planet is overpopulated by six billion people, was selected as a speaker for the Vatican’s rollout of the Papal encyclical

Pope Francis addressed a joint meeting of Congress in a historic speech Thursday morning, September 24.

There is a famous folk tale where Chicken Little claimed, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” as he informed one fellow creature after another. They followed in a chorus of frantic disarray over the ensuing end of the world only to discover it was merely an acorn plummeting from a tree onto the chicken’s anxious little head. We all know too well their lack of courage resulted in the story line leading to the demise of the chicken and his friends as they sought refuge in the deceiving fox’s den.

One can not help but recognize similarities of Pope Francis’ soft spoken global dispatch of mankind’s ravaging of the planet and the imminent collapse of mother earth. The assertions on climate change and the tyranny of capitalism wreaking catastrophic social and natural calamity has led this Pope and many Chicken Little advocates to the den in Washington.  In search of a cunning fox who will take the world’s citizens to task, the Pope is looking to the wily leader in President Barrack Obama to align as powerful political and spiritual operatives in their quest to save the world.

With 1.3 billion Catholics in the flock and the world at large following these two leaders, one must first understand two very distinct yet dangerous points of leverage in this pied piper partnership to sway the masses to a position or belief that buys into the greatest threats facing earth and mankind.

The first point is the difficulty in challenging the message coming from the most highly regarded spiritual leader of Christianity and a representative of God Almighty who is seen by many to be infallible. To call the popular Pope out on his misguided positions and oppose his analysis of the world, may strike a nerve of disgust, be seen by some as disrespectful, and quite possibly be construed as unfaithful in one’s Christian walk. On the contrary, it is essential to realize that opposition to the Pope’s opinions is not anti-Catholic; but rather an understanding when a spiritual leader injects himself into political science, one must acknowledge that he or she leaves the protective walls of a theocracy and entered a political arena where dissent and opposing constitutional views are heralded, permitted, and encouraged.

The second thrust leveraging this partnership and agenda is the concerted effort through the accelerating conduit of social networking and mass media platforms propelling consensus opinion into a conquering acceptance to alter and tear down institutions, tradition, and the moral fiber.  It is not a single blow but rather the death of individuality and democratic values imploding by a thousand cuts in the effort to move towards a New World Order.

The transformation is amazing. Simply blink or turn off your media device, and you will have missed the next event, announcement, executive order, or piece of legislation corrupting The Constitution; or a ballistic and demeaning cyber-attack on one’s moral convictions as extreme, bigoted, or simply no longer a normal person in the human race. We have entered a heightened level of consensus opinion where a perpetual slant of victimization and injustice has set in motion the planet’s greatest societal revolution.

The unsuspected global masses are being swept up in consensus opinion. They simply fall in line through ignorance or remain silent to one’s convictions out of fear of losing their status by being pigeon-holed as ‘one of them’. We are essentially assimilated from all angles, whether through social media, educators, journalism, or government. The mass delusion here is liberalism’s espoused and sought after rights for victims held back by free-market capitalists and climate change deniers. In his address to the United State Congress, the Pope referenced the world alignment to ‘confronting polarization’ or opposing positions that lack unity and what he referred to it as ‘Social Consensus’.

What is at stake? What is the endgame? It is when The Constitution is chipped away and becomes nullified. It is when those who stand behind democracy and nationalism are seen as dangerous to the global shift and are forced into conformity under social consensus. In understanding what we are up against, Obama and the Pope have united in their blurred eminence of church and state to drive the consensus through reform, executive orders, and encyclicals.

They have both claimed climate change to be the biggest threat to our world.  The Pope, in releasing the rare encyclical, which now becomes part of the Catholic Church’s writings, is very alarming when he calls for a new global political authority to address climate change. It was announced for maximum public influence ahead of his meeting with Obama followed by his address to the UN General Assembly and the U.S. Congress. During their meeting, Obama referred to the planet as sacred, and thus added a moral dimension to their well-rehearsed methodical line of reasoning.

A prominent German professor, John Schellnhuber who is known to comment in the past that the planet is overpopulated by six billion people, was selected as a speaker for the Vatican’s rollout of the Papal encyclical. The professor also believes we need a form of a world government consisting of an Earth Constitution that would exceed the UN Charter, a Global Council chosen by the people of the Earth, and a Planetary Court that would be a worldwide legal body overseeing breaches of the Earth Constitution.

He is well known for a June 19, 2012 interview, where he suggested politicians need to take their lead on climate change from scientists like himself. “The role of climate science remains to slam the problem-facts on the table and to identify options for appropriate solutions,” he said. “The role of politics is then to mobilize the will of the citizens with the aim of implementing decisions that are based on science.”

The Obama regime is onboard. If that was not enough, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told an audience gathered at a White House conference on June 23rd that “normal people”, not climate deniers will win the debate on global warming. Implicit in her remarks is the contention that global warming skeptics are somehow not normal human beings. She went on to say, “It is normal human beings that want us to do the right thing”. Clearly, the inner workings and people close to the Obama regime and Papacy have agendas well beyond climate change as they drive the social consensus opinion.

Furthermore, the President lent credence to the doomsday clock when he recently gave a commencement address to a military academy where he affirmed climate change to be the greatest threat that humanity currently faces. Quite the venue to make a claim as the military graduates witness ISIS tearing a swath of tyranny through the Middle East, Iran’s religious zealots threatening to annihilate the US as they build a nuclear arsenal, and Russia expanding its national borders and upgrading their intercontinental missile program. It truly makes one wonder if we are in good hands.

On the contrary, data received from the US Climate Reference Network in all 50 states, has shown no sign of global warming over the last 10 years. In fact, there has been a very slight cooling in temperatures across the US. Rising temperatures have not come anywhere close to the projected global warming models. The greater truth lies in the levels of carbon in polar ice core samples that indicate a healthy and improving planet. Opposing scientific data has been bought off or simply sidelined as nonsensible or skeptics with their own agenda. It is my understanding that conflicting scientific data is the standard by which a theory cannot be held up as fact, therefore a planet heating cannot be substantiated and must be considered false.

One only has to look back a few decades ago when acid rain seen our Great Lakes becoming a cesspool poisoning the fish, leaded gasoline spewing toxins into our lungs, dumps being filled with no recycling efforts, and manufacturing chugging out black smut from the towering stacks over the city. We seemed to come out of the era quite well in a balanced approach to addressing our responsibilities as good stewards of our environment.

There is simply a natural ebb and flow to the earth’s temperatures and climate with changes to atmospheric conditions; whether the earth’s internal core of molten lava and steam sporadically escaping with lingering effects, the air and ocean currents altering weather fronts and rainfall across the continent in any given season, and most significantly the undetected wobble of the earth’s axis resulting in the amount and intensity of heat and sunshine reaching the earth’s ground.

Let’s not forget the news headlines in the 1970’s when all we heard was the fear of the returning ice age. During this era, scientists were convinced that the world’s climate was getting colder every year, threatening a return to the conditions of the last ice age. Geological and historical records leave no doubt that the earth’s climate is constantly changing. From about 400 B.C. to A.D. 1300, the climate was much milder. However, during what was referred to as the little ice age, from about 1300 to 1890, glaciers advanced, and bodies of water in the northern hemisphere remained frozen for long periods of time.

The Pope, in his speech to Congress, said he was confident that we could overcome manmade destruction of the environment. Well, we can choose the lack of courage and follow Chicken Little and his friends into the deceiving fox’s den and buy into the social green consensus or conclude the sky is not falling, and nor will we all sink below the depths of the rising ocean. Looking back as we did on the frantic fear of the coming ice age in the 1970s, we will place global warming, climate change, and a world on the brink of collapse alongside, if not on the top shelf, as one of the greatest fables of all time. Let’s be clear, we respect earth; we do not worship her as some have advocated.

The second lead into Pope Francis’ visit was his describing of capitalism as a new tyranny. It is quite the polarizing portrayal. While capitalism has flaws, an explanation in comparison to the disastrous results of communism would have been seen as an attempt at a balanced approach to addressing the imperfections or disproportionate greed found in capitalism. It is clear that communism on one hand encompasses a totalitarian system that crushes the souls of human beings, stripping them of all political, civic and religious freedoms; while capitalism on the other hand, is intricately allied with a rising middle class and its consequential fetters on executive power.

Pope Francis, like Jean Paul II, has shown remarkable compassion in supporting the poor, suffering, and disenfranchised throughout the world, yet unlike his predecessor the current Pope seems inclined to be influenced by growing up under a socialist Argentina government. The Pope claims the market system must serve the common good. Can the common good be found in abundance under a left leaning economy rooted in government control or communism? Possibly if one seeks equality, limits of mediocrity, and lower standards of living. On the contrary, capitalism demonstrates the greatest generosity that embraces open markets that is proven to lift people out of poverty as validated in more immigrants entering U.S. than anywhere in the world as they seek prosperity in the American dream.

The Pope has said capitalism lacks morals and promotes selfish behaviors. Relatively speaking, it does much more. It is called freedom and the ability to choose right from wrong; where the ability to generate prosperity helps others in need becomes a way of life rather than a dictated and legislated enforcement of equality that limits one’s ability to prosper and freely share the wealth through Christian sharing and sacrifice or employment and career opportunities. America has many upright billionaires giving millions of dollars or investing capital and variables where fellow Americans prosper.

In leading up to his visit to Cuba, the Pope took to social ‘consensus’ media and tweeted, “inequality is the root of all evil”.  Through the diplomatic channels with the Obama regime, he argued that the U.S. should end its economic embargo with Cuba. However, there was no public appeal on Cuba’s oppressive dictatorship to free the many political and religious prisoners, and conduct free and open elections associated with capitalism.

With the embargo lifted and no political change in Cuba, it seals the fate of the prisoners and essentially reflects capitalism at its worse and ironically the greater evil by seeking profit over political reform that promotes human rights and democracy. The communist root of inequality has been baptized and rewarded for its evil.

It is quite amazing that the Obama and the Democratic Party have locked horns over the past number of years and most recently with Christians and conservative positions that opposed the redefinition of marriage and Planned Parenthood killing unborn babies and selling their body parts, yet they were quite ecstatic to welcome the Pope who leads and represents biblical scripture and God’s Word in denouncing these sinful behaviors or practices. In fact, one would think the leader of a church would take America to task on the ruling to permit same sex marriage, the brutal execution of unborn babies, and the persecution taking place in Cuba at no less the degree than the Pope’s comments on the climate change and the tyranny of capitalism.

Let’s put two and two together; that is Pope Francis and President Obama are on the same page. Rather than focus on the stark difference between the Democrats and Christianity, the Pope is aligned with Obama’s agenda on climate change and socio-economic initiatives. The irony or hypocrisy surrounding Obama’s partnership has him on one hand joining with one flank of Christianity and on the other hand holding evangelical Christians in contempt over their principles and conservatism. Obama is very astute in politically leveraging the endorsement from the most holy authority and he comes off blessed and affirmed among the many millions of Catholics in America. What a win!

Will Catholics see through the politics and stand firm in their faith and guiding tenets. If one concludes any opposition to the Pope’s position on climate change or the tyranny of capitalism as disrespectful and disparaging; it leaves little to no room to refute or reason when an opposing position becomes solely a matter of questioning one’s loyalty to the church. If that is the case, there was no point reading this commentary and one should blindly fall in line with the embraced social consensus.

Well, it turns out, the fable took a left turn from the original script where the chicken and his flock were on the Machiavellian fox’s dinner menu; rather the chicken was in cahoots with the plotting fox when it was discovered he was the pizza delivery guy all along.

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