Bibi to Congress: – “Iran Seeks to Build Nuclear Arsenal; Warns of Impending Destruction of Western

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen here addressing the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen here addressing the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen here addressing the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference.
My dear American legislators and American friends,

Shalom! This afternoon, I come to you with greetings from the citizens of Israel, your sister or brother nation, whatever is politically correct, with a message and a plea for your actions to keep this world safe from an atomic catastrophe.

For the past seventy years, ever since the explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has been sitting on pins and needles, worrying about the future misuse of such a weapon of mass destruction. Under America’s leadership and control we have been spared such an unthinkable disaster. During President Kennedy’s confrontation with Nikita Krushchev in 1961, only the strength and perseverance of your nation kept the world from self immolation. We are now on the verge of a similar scenario but hopefully our actions and awareness of the problem with its solutions, with God’s help, will spare us.

Iran is a nation that has threatened not only Israel but your country as well for over 40 years. We are nations whose leadership is democratically chosen by their citizens during fair and open elections. Iranian foreign policy is not controlled by its citizens but emanates from a self appointed circle of mullahs who rule with an iron, religiously zealous fist. It is not the people of Iran who are warlike and primitive. It is the ruling class that is not bound by any modern rule of law. It is our citizens, yours and mine, who are considered as infidels who must be either eradicated, enslaved or converted.

And that’s why I’m standing here today: to urge you to be strong in the face of Radical, Islamic Iran. Yes, I’ve said it. They are part and parcel, with the same goals of other religious fanatical movements such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Boko Haram and Hezbollah, all of whom want to dominate in the name of their religion, Islam. And my nation stands in their way in the Middle East. They are of the same mindset as those who hang gays in the city squares, stone women to death while they are half buried in the sands, decapitate and immolate Christians for their belief in Christ, slaughter my citizens, whole families, while they sleep and who throw Jews off cruise ships to set an example for other infidels. There is no dealing as normal human beings with this type of mentality.

Iran has been permitted for over 20 years to research and develop an atomic weapon. Its statements that their nuclear ambitions are only for domestic power must be understood to be untruthful. They lie. Their words have never been uttered in truthfulness regarding their atomic goals. For years they have blocked access to their nuclear laboratories, warehouses and testing facilities. Do their actions smack of a nation ready to comply with international agreements? Have they ever complied with any treaties they have signed on to? The International Atomic Energy (IAEA) recently had an unpublished report printed in various news outlets, includng the New York Times, that revealed new evidence that Iran has engaged in research, development and testing activities that are necessary to develop a nuclear weapon. And according to reliable sources which your own intelligence agencies can tell you, Iran has refused to allow the inspection of 11 out of 12 technologies that are needed to produce a nuclear weapon. The IAEA remains concerned about the possible existence in Iran of undisclosed nuclear-related activities involving military organizations, including those related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile. The Jerusalem Post has stated, and I quote, “Iran has already deployed a new intercontinental ballistic missile the range of which far exceeds the distance between Iran and Israel and between Iran and Europe.” The IAEA chief himself, Yukiya Amano has openly stated that Iran has not allowed any of that organization’s inspectors access to its Parchin military complex.

These discussions, treaty signings and meetings among Western nations and Iran have been going on for ages. At each gathering of interested parties, Iran always outfoxes its opponents by agreeing to the terms of that particular accord only to ignore such rules once the party is over, the tables have been cleared and the media has recorded success in these meetings. Every agreement has been trashed by Iran basically making fools of those diplomats who Chamberlain-like flew home with statements of “Success.” Nothing could have been further from the truth. Let me humbly bring to mind the problems a nuclear armed Iran might pose to the region which doesn’t need any more disruption or discord. It’s problematical enough right now. But if Iran is permitted to acquire a nuclear weapon, what might the reaction be of those states who would be threatened by Iran? Wouldn’t nations such as Turkey, Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia jump on the bandwagon and arm themselves as well? Who could deny them their right to defend themselves? And in seeking out assistance for such advanced technology, they will find no lack of nuclear armed nations willing to help them. That would be like building a fireplace out of kindling. A disaster in the making.

And we’ve been told by the Mullahs of Iran that their nation is in need of atomic power as a source for energy. They now have the fourth largest crude oil reserves in the world and their natural gas reserves are rated as second. Their need for atomic energy is obviously a false excuse given to seek nuclear military capability. How often have they openly lied to United Nations inspectors regarding their secretive underground laboratories? How can they be trusted in any statement they make relative to their needs for another energy source?

We must also take into consideration Iran’s support in weaponry and manpower for international terror. They have been implicated in the 1994 Buenos Aires Amia Jewish Center bombing in which eighty three people were murdered. Most recently, Hezbollah under Iranian military leadership launched an attack that killed two Israeli soldiers.

Iran has effectively opened up a third front against Israel based in Syria. Your own government has labeled Iran as a major sponsor of worldwide terror. Are you willing to gamble that once in possession of a nuclear weapon, terrorists already planted in your country would not be supplied by Iran with such to pose an unimaginable threat to your own homeland? The United States has already been called “The Great Satan!” So, here we are. The Jewish expression, “Tuchis uff im tisch,” meaning “It’s time to get off your backside and do something,” says it all. The time has come for your nation and mine to stand firm and to prevent Iran from acquiring such a weapon which once complete will surely be tested on my nation and its citizens who practice every faith on earth safely and freely. But G-d forbid, if this occurs, we will only be the guinea pig for the rest of the world. Iran will be able to point a finger at any Western nation and say to them,

“Look at what we did to Israel. Unless you give in to our demands, you are next. We will take your retaliatory punishment but will still carry out our promise. Our G-d is greater than yours!” However, we, the people of Israel cannot and will not wait for such a scenario to take place. I’m now placing my right hand on a copy of the Holy Book of the Jewish people. It contains the writings of our scripture, the Torah. As I stand before the leadership of the American people and in front of the cameras that carry this image world-wide, I give my solemn oath that my nation will act in its own interest to cancel out this evil plan of the Iranian Mullahs before they drop their weapon of mass destruction on my land. We will destroy their machinery, laboratories and military launching sites and make them incapable to threaten those peaceful nations who would be their future targets. That is my oath as stated before G-d. Thank you for having me spend this time with you. Thank you for being the nation under G-d which you proudly are. But most of all, we, all of Israel thank you for being our friend, partner and close ally for all of these years. May we continue our relationship and maintain our free, democratic societies as a sign to the rest of the world that we stand united, in solidarity for peace, prosperity and happiness. Shalom!


(The aforementioned is the Jewish Voice’s rendition of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed address before the Joint Sessions of Congress on March 3rd. It is our hope that this “mock” speech will elicit thought provoking discussion and dialogue on the most critical issue that has defined the 21st century)


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