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Israeli Tech Innovations Shine at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas



Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sharing one of Intel’s newest products during Intel’s keynote address.

Exhibitors setting up the 2015 International CES.

Gary Shapiro, President, CEA, in a one-on-one with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, presented by CEA.

Israel-based Comigo presents a fully flexible cloud-based pay TV platform that provides a cutting-edge personal interactive and social TV viewing experience.(Photo from

Israeli-company Green Ride LTD launched a new form of urban mobility with their INU. (Photo from

The Israeli-based GreenIQ System had 3 components: 1-Smart Garden Hub; 2- Web App; and 3- Cloud. (Photo from

Israel-based Silentium introduced The Comfort-shell (TM) at 2015 CES.

The HumanEyes technology uses mathematical algorithms to create unique projections and reconstruct multiple viewpoints which create the effect of viewing a scene from different directions. (Photo from humaneyes.com0

An iPhone screenshot of the WonderVoice personal voice assistant app.

3D Printing comes to life at the 2015 CES.

The next generation of technology innovation took the spotlight as the curtain rose on the opening day of the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Day one of CES saw more than 3,600 exhibitors launching new products, and the leaders of Ford and Intel making major announcements and outlining their vision of technology innovation. Israel contributed 34 exhibitors to the show, including a featured exhibit by Green Ride Ltd.

Owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the 2015 CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and ran from January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA, kicked off the 2015 International CES by delivering the State of the Consumer Electronics (CE) Industry address Tuesday morning, January 6. He announced that revenues for the consumer electronics (CE) industry are projected to grow three percent in 2015 to reach an all-time high of $223.2 billion, according to The U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecasts, CEA’s semi-annual industry report released on Tuesday. He also reinforced the importance of a forward strategic path on innovation both for the industry and the world.

Mark Fields, president and CEO, Ford Motor Co., followed with his opening keynote address where he announced Ford’s new Smart Mobility plan, which promises to solve today’s global transportation challenges. The plan will leverage today’s connectivity, mobility and big data to operate 25 experiments around the world. Through Ford’s open source hardware and software, OpenXC™, developers will be able to help Ford create solutions that provide a better customer experience, more flexible user-ship models and social collaboration. “Even as we showcase connected cars and share our plans for autonomous vehicles, we are here at CES with a higher purpose,” said Fields. “We are driving innovation in every part of our business to be both a product and mobility company – and, ultimately, to change the way the world moves just as our founder Henry Ford did 111 years ago.” Fields also unveiled Ford’s future plans to develop the next-generation of fully autonomous cars. The company is currently testing Fusion Hybrid, a fully autonomous car that uses existing technology from Ford’s semi-autonomous cars and includes LiDAR sensors to sense objects and advanced algorithms to help predict vehicle and pedestrian traffic. “Our priority is not in making marketing claims or being in a race for the first autonomous car on the road,” said Fields. “Our priority is in making the first Ford autonomous vehicle accessible to the masses and truly enhancing customers’ lives.

Tuesday evening, Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich led his company’s keynote address by saying that 2015 will mark the next technology consumer wave. “We’re moving from a two-dimensional world to a three-dimensional world,” said Krzanich. “This additional dimension will change how we experience computing.” In citing three specific forces that will shape this next wave – Computing Unleashed, Intelligence Everywhere and The Wearable Evolution – Krzanich touted Intel innovations such as Real Sense, which can interpret depth, True Key, with recognition capability that eliminates need for passwords, and the Curie wearable, which can identify different sporting activities. On-stage guests included HP’s Dion Weisler, executive vice president of Printing & Personal Systems, who announced HP’s multi-jet fusion 3D printing will be powered by Intel’s processing; and Oakley CEO Colin Baden. Numerous live demonstrations during the keynote included an integrated Real Sense technology jacket that provides physical cues for persons with visual disabilities and a “game of drones” obstacle course with UAVs using Real Sense to avoid the obstacles. Krzanich concluded by discussing the importance of diversity and inclusion in technology, and announcing Intel’s creation of the Technology and Diversity Initiative.

During Tuesday’s keynote panel, How Mobile Is Fundamentally Changing our World, tech leaders from across the industry discussed how mobile connectivity is transforming the industry and our lives. John Ford of CNBC hosted the panel discussion, which included Jan Brockmann chief technology officer and senior vice president of Electrolux, Phil Abram, chief infotainment officer of General Motors, Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated; and Jeroen Tas, CEO HISS of Philips. The five discussed a number of issues surrounding mobile connectivity such as privacy and data collection as well as the different sectors of our industry that are being transformed by ubiquitous Internet access, including the smart home, automobiles and the health care industry.

Day one of the 2015 CES also was filled with dynamic conference sessions and compelling SuperSessions examining issues and trends across the full technology ecosystem.

The Future of Robotics SuperSession, presented by Engadget, moderated by Michael Gorman, editor and chief, Engadget, included panelists Chris Anderson, CEO, 3D Robotics, Nate Harding, CEO and co-founder, Ekso Bionics, Dr. Werner Huber, head of driver assistance and perception, BMW Group Research and Technology and Paolo Pirjanian, executive vice president, chief technology officer, iRobot. Panelists agreed that the powerful possibility of robotics can bring us from “reactive to predictive.” Panelists agreed robotics not only have the opportunity to touch people’s lives but the potential to be life-changing as demonstrated in the session by an individual with complete paraplegia who was able to stand and walk while wearing an exosuit from Ekso Bionics.

CNET’s always popular Next Big Thing SuperSession covered key topics including augmented and virtual reality. Moderated by CNET’s Brian Cooley and Tim Stevens, the session featured panelists Jens Christensen, CEO, Jaunt, Jeri Ellsworth, co-founder and chief hardware engineer, Technical Illusions; Palmer Luckey, founder and CEO, Oculus VR and Ray Velez, global chief technology officer, Razorfish. The group noted that while gaming is currently the main vehicle bringing virtual reality to the market, it is not the end of virtual reality and the dynamic will shift as more content becomes available pushing the technology toward telepresence and video. When asked how augmented and virtual reality can both grow in the marketplace, the panelists agreed that the technology is already in place, but more content is needed. Luckey stated, “The first step is making a device that can make you believe you’re in a different place.”

The Welcome to the Era of Personal Entertainment SuperSession, presented by Ericsson, addressed the fact that the linear episodic viewing experience doesn’t cut it anymore, with viewers flocking to short-form, personalized, easily-shared and original content. Executives from AT&T, Indy Car, Fullscreen, Ericsson Group and Verizon said today’s viewers are on the move and on multiple screens, wanting to interact with their favorite movie stars and sports heroes on their own terms.

The Emerging Trends in the Gaming Supersession featured panelists discussing new opportunities for game developers. While the competition is fierce for developers, the panelists concurred that it is an extremely exciting time as well. Mobile, streaming, and 4K are driving much of the enthusiasm, but all eyes are on virtual reality as the most thrilling segment emerging in the industry.

Some 20,000 products will launch at the 2015 CES from major global brands to a record number of 375 tech startups in the Eureka Park Marketplace. Innovative products and technologies range from the latest in wearables, unmanned systems, health and fitness tech, robotics, 3D printing, sensor technologies and beyond.

Israeli company Green Ride LTD was a featured exhibitor at the show. Their mission is to revolutionize urban mobility by freeing passengers from their daily use of current inefficient transport methods. Green Ride offers solutions that are license free, easy to operate, light, portable, electronic and affordable. Their product INU shows how perfect engineering, style and portability can free passengers from a car centric existence. INU has a remote-controlled automatic folding system that takes only 4 seconds. Weighing only 18 kg, but supporting up to 120 kg, INU can be stored nearly anywhere. Carrying an average load, INU is good to travel up to 40 km; it uses Li-Ion energy source and has a charging time of 1 to 3 hours. With a smartphone docking station that includes a designated app and charging, INU has taken future city traveling by the handlebars.

The other Israeli technology companies that launched new innotations at 2015 CES are: 1Global Digital Distribution Ltd, Comigo, eyeSight Mobile Technologies Ltd, Glide, GreenIQ Ltd., HumanEyes Technologies Ltd., Humavox Ltd., Idomoo, InfinityAR, Inuitive, Israel Export Institute, Jinni, KIDOZ, Klike Tune Ltd., Lumus Ltd, MagnaCom, Morel, MUV Interactive, Playcast Media Systems, RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket,

Sckipio Technologies, Sensibo, Silentium, StoreDot, SwitchBee Ltd., Tekoia Ltd., Umoove, UpRight, VocalZoom Systems LTD, Wi-Charge Ltd., WonderVoice Technologies Ltd., and Zuta Labs.

Celeno provides high-performance Wi-Fi chips for HD multimedia and entertainment home networking applications. Celeno’s chip portfolio and OptimizAIR™ technology enables the delivery of multiple and simultaneous HD video and data streams throughout the home, while ensuring superlative QoS and QoE.

EyeSight is an expert in machine vision and gesture recognition technology. The company delivers natural user experiences with a variety of digital devices including smartphones, PCs, TVs, wearables, and other devices, allowing touch-free control with the swipe of a hand or point of a finger.

Founded in May 2012, Glide is the world’s first & only instant video messaging app. Frustrated by the difficulties of keeping in touch with family & friends across time zones, its founders created the fastest way to communicate instantly using video. Glide is available for free on iOS & Android.

Comigo’s cutting-edge TV platform allows pay-TV operators to offer a personalized TV experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Through advanced personalization and interactive social capabilities, this platform dramatically increases viewer engagement, leading to new revenue opportunities.

Tekoia Ltd develops Smart Universal Remote solutions for the Digital Media and Internet of Things (IoT). Tekoia delivers exceptional value to both consumers and advertisers with a powerful remote App SureMote, supported by rich-media targeted mobile advertising – SureMad.

Humvox LTD. is an Israeli startup engaged in the development of a wireless power solution that alters the uncomfortable action of charging, into a seamless & intuitive experience for consumers. The Humavox® flexible wireless power platform, ETERNA™, is based on RF technology that can be applied to any device.

Idomoo helps brands to deliver the promise of personalized customer engagement: transforming customer experience and moving each customer to action by addressing them individually through personalized videos.

InfinityAR’s vision is about creating a new digital environment that will allow people to naturally interact with augmented content around them. Our technology can turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform, using basic and affordable hardware – simple stereoscopic cameras.

NU3000 Natural User Interface (NUI) Co-Processor ASIC & Inuitive SW offer the most comprehensive solution combining multiple NUI features: Gestures, Gaze, Face Recognition, Emotion Detection, Speech Recognition and more. It offloads NUI tasks from main processor for consistent & fast response time.

GreenIQ is an affordable, easy to use, Smart Garden Hub that controls garden’s irrigation and lighting, and saves money on water and electricity bills. In a typical residential garden, the system can save up to 50% of the irrigation water.

Israel has more than 500 Consumer electronics and Digital Media related companies whose offerings span the range of innovative solutions. They are active in, Mobile Devices, Smart Home and Smart TV, Video and Gaming, Automotive, Wearables, Internet of things and many other applications.

Jinni powers the next generation of video guides with a proprietary taste-based discovery service for movies and TV shows so consumers can intuitively find content that matches their mood and entertainment personality across all available catalogs.

KIDOZ is the leading mobile platform for millions of kids worldwide, and the solution of choice for device manufacturers, premium kids’ brands and leading mobile carriers who have chosen to power their mobile products with KIDOZ.

Klike is the ULTIMATE keyboard for Wearable with NO need for EYE-Contact!!! Most effective Natural UX solution for Smartwatch and for Controlling Smart-Glass/oculus Rift/ PC/TVs and for Blind and ALS patients + Revolutionary 3D Gestures Recognition + Turning Smartphone into a 3D Gaming Controller.

MagnaCom is reinventing the evolution of digital communications with WAM, now for OFDM networks (cellular and WiFi). WAM is a novel, patented digital modulation technique, delivering a system gain advantage of up to 10dB. WAM benefits: up to 400% longer distance, 50% less power, 50% spectrum savings.

Morel manufactures a wide range of handcrafted, award-winning speakers & audio drivers for car and home, delivering uncompromising sound quality at competitive prices. Celebrating over 39 years of technological innovation and design excellence, its products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

Silentium introduces a chip based broadband & spatial Active Noise Reduction technology (ANR) for appliances, HVAC, automotive, aviation, rail, boating, IT, infotainment and consumer electronics targeting large markets.Quiet Bubble™ is a spatial ANR solution introducing a personal quiet zone.

Lumus makes See-through Wearable Displays that provide: *Hi-res, large virtual image to small portable devices *Unobtrusive info overlay over one’s real world view *True Augmented Reality capability *Ideal Platform for Wearable Computing *Proven technology in Combat Aviation.

MUV is an Israeli technology innovator, developing smart wearable solutions for motion sensing in 3D space. With its strong IP portfolio, MUV is selling its products to the consumer electronics market worldwide, redefining the way people interact with digital visual content.

Rampal Cellular Stockmarket (RCS) is the leading international distributor of mobile phones, digital cameras & tablets. Creator of the online trading platform With 15 years of experience, 30 dedicated sales agents, 20 logistics specialists, operations in 128 countries. RCS is uniquely poised to get your deal done.

Sckipio is the leader in modems and the first to announce chipsets. Founded in 2012, Sckipio is the first semiconductor company focused on the exciting new ITU standard, G.Fast. Sckipio’s 30-person team has over 200 years of combined telco experience working with over 80 telcos.

Sensibo makes any air conditioner smart. Our product lets you control your A/C with an app. Sensibo automatically adapts to your lifestyle and makes life more comfortable by changing the A/C settings when appropriate. Our energy saving algorithms saves 40% on the air conditioner’s energy usage.

HumanEyes is a leading software solutions provider specializes in 3D content creation and image processing. HumanEyes solutions were created as a result of a technological breakthrough by Professor Shmuel Peleg, a world renowned figure in Computer Vision and two members of his team, Dr. Moshe Ben-Ezra and Ms. Yael Pritch, from the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University, Israel. The original invention accomplished what had been thought impossible: the combination of 3D stereo and panorama. The technology is suitable for creating 3D images for print and for presentation on electronic displays/monitors.

StoreDot develops two products made with new bio-organic materials: FlashBattery (A Smartphone battery that charges in 30 sec); and Flexible Display (The World’s first BioLED display, Cadmium Free).

SwitchBee has democratized the smart home. Now every home, new and existing, can be upgraded to a smart home using nothing but a screw driver. No additional wiring, no drilling, and no professional programming required. Drop-in switch design fits any existing switch bracket at any voltage.

Umoove offers precise face and eye-tracking on any mobile device with a front facing camera, without the need for additional hardware of any kind. Umoove’s main focus is on utilising its technology for diagnosing, tracking and improving brain activity through the eyes, using simple mobile apps.

VocalZoom was founded with the mission to enable accurate & reliable Speech Recognition and Communications in any environment. The company has developed a unique optical sensor that measures facial-skin vibrations caused only by speech, and is therefore unaffected by any ambient noise.

Wi-Charge address the #1 pain of our lifestyle – the need to power CE devices. Leveraging proprietary light based, long range wireless-power transmission technology; we developed solutions that enable infinite usage time of mobile and home-automation devices.

WonderVoice is an always-on personal voice assistant that connect people to their social networks & apps in an eyes & hands free environment. WonderVoice proprietary contextual speech AI is offered as mobile app for consumers and turnkey B2B solution for mobile and/or wearable devices.

ZUtA Labs has created a mini-robotic-printer, which is essentially a “printhead on wheels”, that drives across the paper and prints while doing so. The robotic-printer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and yet able to print on any size of paper, even large layouts.

“The International CES has broken every record as wireless, sensors and the internet combine and entrepreneurs present innovations which enhance the human condition and solve problems in health care, transportation, safety and connectivity,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA.

The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. As the largest hands-on event of its kind, CES features all aspects of the industry. And because it is owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the technology trade association representing the $223.2 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry, it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers to a forum where the industry’s most relevant issues are addressed.

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