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November Election Debates Heat Up in Boynton Beach



Richard Lynn

Charles Joseph

It’s a warm, sunny afternoon, down here in Boca Raton, Florida, where I’ve just returned from debating for Republican Rick Scott to be re-elected governor. My opponent, arguing for Charley Crist, was former Palm Beach Commissioner Burt Aaronson, who a mere three years ago, in complaining about Republicans calling out President Obama for his failed policies, stated, “All they want is to destroy the president. And in destroying the president of the United States you destroy our country. They should be put in jail, each and every one of them.”  And we talk about the totalitarianism in Cuba, China and Iran. Political hatred is alive and well here in South Florida.

The event was held in a typical Boynton Beach, ID entry required,  guarded, walled community, whose homeowners are about 85% Jewish. Jewish and liberal seem to go together down here as so many have migrated down from New York and New Jersey, bringing with them years of knowing only the Democrat way of thinking. That means anything Republican is traif and that goes for the few who have strayed from the liberal, set in stone, mindset. And of course, I am one of them. During the above debate I mentioned Obama and his obvious disdain for Israel as evidenced by John Kerry’s blaming of the ISIS movement on Israel’s “refusal to come to terms with the Palestinians.” I was immediately hooted and booed, as if on signal, by many in the crowd. It sounded like Giant fans at the Polo Grounds when the Brooklyn Dodgers took the field. But this wasn’t just simple sports partiality; this was serious business to this crowd. I had the nerve to speak against their leader in their home. In Yiddish, the term, “Nisht  vissindick,” or “willfully not knowing,” comes to mind. “It’s the truth, but I don’t want to know about it!”

As in many of these upscale, resort styles, immaculate communities, Republicans are treated as are the victims of communicable diseases. Ebola comes to mind. We are avoided and shunned. Republican clubs are banned and in the case of one such community, an outspoken conservative who happened to have the audacity to invite an anti-Obama speaker to his group, was barred from entering “his” clubhouse for months. Residents who aren’t Democrats are fearful to speak out and of being ousted. For instance, were any of them to have stood up today and supported me, they would be thrown out of their card game and into the pool. Conservative residents stay silent for if they are labeled as Republicans, they would be socially ostracized from the community’s activities. As such, they remain silent and unhappy.

With Israel being tossed under the bus by this administration it is painful to see Jews down here in South Florida, mindlessly supporting the actions of the Liberal Left who have taken a firm position alongside of Hamas and appear to be winking at Iran’s nuclear development. In reviewing the history of the German Jews in the early 1930’s one can see the congruency of the actions of today’s American Jewry with those whose ashes now fertilize the fruit trees of Germany. Is their fate to be ours?

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