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An Open Letter to Rabbis, Principals, Community Leaders !!



If chocolate is your taste or if you’re looking for a holiday gift, why not try Elite Chocolate from Israel. There large selection will sweeten any palate

If chocolate is your taste or if you’re looking for a holiday gift, why not try Elite Chocolate from Israel. There large selection will sweeten any palate

If chocolate is your taste or if you’re looking for a holiday gift, why not try Elite Chocolate from Israel. There large selection will sweeten any palate

Join the Jewish Voice in Our “Buy Israel” Campaign !!

Dear Rabbis, School Principals and Community Leaders:

We write to you today to seek your assistance in a most crucial project aimed at strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Because of your august positions in the Jewish community, we are reaching out to you for your wisdom, guidance and efforts on this behalf.

We know that you and those you influence in your congregations and schools deeply care about and support the sovereign State of Israel.  For the last 66 years, this tiny country in the heart of the Middle East has been a shining paradigm of undiluted democracy, freedom, liberty, justice and truth in a neighborhood of pernicious adversaries who have sought its destruction on a daily basis.

The one and only Jewish state called Israel was bequeathed to our antecedents and in perpetuity to us by the G-d of Israel. This eternal and sublimely grand gift has afforded the Jewish nation the strength of purpose and character to endure for almost seven decades.

As stellar proponents of the modern Zionist dream and enterprise, we all share in the obligation to support Israel in every conceivable way possible.  While living in the diaspora, we have the magnificent opportunity to help strengthen Israel’s economy and maintain its ever increasing vibrancy.

To that end, we at The Jewish Voice are embarking on a “Buy Israel” campaign that will not exclusively focus on efforts to exhort people to buy Israeli products just for a week out of every year, but every day of every year.

We ask you to disseminate the following information to every Jew in every community,  town and city across the tri-state area, throughout the country and throughout the world.

If one would pause to ruminate about the myriad of ways in which to help Israel’s economy, it would be absolutely mind boggling.

This year alone, Israel Bonds has reached its goal of selling $1 billion in bonds. With our help, we can succeed in reaching the objective of $2 billion next year. We would like to suggest the following opportunities that are available to you in playing a significant role in this venture.

Every time you’re invited to a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a graduation, an engagement party, an anniversary party or attend a bris or baby naming, consider giving an Israeli bond as a gift to the recipient.  It is an easy, no-hassle purchase that can be done in seconds online and will be very appreciated.

Unfortunately, we all know of a family member, friend or neighbor who has been afflicted with a devastating illness.  Many seek out the very best doctors and hospitals for treatment, yet somehow traveling to Israel to be evaluated by the world’s finest and most qualified physicians in state-of-the-art facilities and hospitals is usually a last resort or not an option at all.  Those seeking plastic surgical procedures in particular have met with tremendous success while in Israeli hospitals.  Let us open our eyes to the possibility of receiving the best medical care possible at Laniado Hospital in Netanya, or Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, or the National Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured in Tel Aviv, or Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikva.

Traveling to Israel can be the most extraordinarily rewarding experience any person can have, however there is no doubt that those very special family occasions can be infinitely enhanced by a visit to the Holy Land. Case in point: We are quite cognizant of the fact that the cost of bar mitzvahs and weddings can reach astronomical rates here in the New York area or just about any location in the United States. We are talking about spending well in the range of $50,000-$150,000 or more for a bar mitzvah and up to $1 million or more for a wedding. Why not consider imparting the most memorable and life transforming experience to our sons, grandsons, daughters and granddaughters by allowing them to joyously celebrate the occasion of their bar or bat mitzvah with family members at the Kotel in Jerusalem or in just about any location in Israel.

Let us bring eternal joy, harmony and love to our son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, niece or nephew by making their wedding in Israel. All hotels accommodate huge wedding parties and will be glad to meet your detailed specifications in order to make your simcha so very special.

Education has always been a top priority and sacred tradition in the Jewish community.  When the time approaches for our children to decide which college or university they’d like to attend, let us suggest that they consider studying at the most prestigious and academically respected institutions of higher learning in the world; which happen to be located in Israel.  For those with strong proclivities in science and technology, the world’s greatest pioneers in these fields have been graduates of the Technion Institute in Haifa. For those who wish to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in the field of liberal arts, they might want to consider Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University or Ben Gurion University amongst the array of other fine colleges that offer numerous degree programs.

Each week as we usher in Shabbat, we often eat the very same foods and drink the very same wines. Perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing the exquisite selection of wines that are offered by the plethora of Israeli wineries.  Treat your palate to the sublime taste of wines made in Israel while helping this industry thrive.

When we buy or sell a home, we often learn new things about the complex world of real estate transactions. Why not experience the sense of fulfillment by purchasing real estate in Israel. Why continue to spend upwards of millions of dollars for “status” homes in the suburbs, when we have the golden opportunity to purchase either a full time residence or vacation home in the land of Israel. New and modern dwellings are going up all the time throughout Jerusalem and in other cities and towns. If city living is not your preference, lovely new homes are available in quaint villages and towns throughout Israel.

How about a business venture? Why not consider establishing or moving your current business to any one of hundreds of locations throughout the length and breadth of Israel? Israel’s economy is on a phenomenal upswing as evidenced in the global publicity that it has generated. Consider earning a lucrative income while simultaneously support Israel’s business growth.

Thinking about possible investment opportunities?? Why not investigate the possibilities of investing your money in a wide variety of Israeli startup companies? Whether it be in the field of entrepreneurship, technology, science, medicine, education, the arts and much more, Israel is on the cutting edge in this rapidly developing arena. Take your cue from billionaire investor Warren Buffett who has publicly proclaimed his sheer delight in investing heavily in Israeli startups.

Putting our money in a new bank or transferring assets? Another opportunity calls to our attention as we consider depositing our money in Israeli banks such as IDB Bank, Bank Leumi, Bank HaPoalim or many others.

For those of us who have a penchant for reading or spend our time pouring over Judaism’s holiest texts, consider purchasing books published in Israel and seforim that are printed there as well. And while we’re at it, let’s start purchasing our Judaica products from Israel as well. Uniquely designed, Judaica items from Israel include shockingly beautiful kiddish cups, challah boards, silver and gold candle sticks, wine decanters and fountains, menorahs and much more.

And what of our musical tastes?? Israel’s musicians come from all backgrounds and represent all musical tastes and styles. If religious or cantorial music is a favorite, or if rock, pop, jazz, soul or R&B is your thing,  consider purchasing CDs made in Israel and allow the mellifluous sounds to fill your heart and soul.

And while we’re on that subject, why not consider purchasing food items, groceries, jewelry, wines, cosmetics and toiletries exclusively made and manufactured in Israel?

Here is but a partial list of Israeli companies that export their products to the United States and other countries.  We urge you to contact them to find out at which stores their items are sold.

Elite (chocolate, candy)  (973) 589-4900

Telma (grocery food)       (516) 496-7400, (313) 873-2212, (201) 344-0330

Pastures of Eden (goat cheese) (973) 227-0030

Gilboa Beit Hashita (pickled vegetables, olives) (516) 496-7400

Beigle & Beigle (pretzels & crackers) (516) 496-7400

Achva (halva, sesame products)        (516) 496-7400

Galilee Herbs (201) 825-0214

Kvuzat Yavne (pickled vegetables, olives) (718) 649-5566

Olivia (gourmet herbs, spices, olive oil, spreads, sauces)   (212) 616-3006

Osem (grocery food)       (800) 200-OSEM

Sabra Salads                 (718) 932-9000

Wissotzky Tea               (800) 200-OSEM

Moshe & Ali (spreads)     (212) 616-3006

Golan (beverages)          (718) 599-1501

Carmel (beverages)        (718) 384-2400

Tempo (beverages)        (516) 496-7400

Tnuva (cheese)             (718) 965-1700

Produce & Flowers          (718) 481-8700

For skin and cosmetic products we suggest the following Israeli companies:

Ahava (Dead Sea Skin Care Products) (843) 875-7347, (800) 252-4282

Masada (Dead Sea Skin Care Products) (818) 717-8300

Mineral Care (Dead Sea Skin Care Products) (800) 533-2373, (718) 246-9402

Sea Of Life (Dead Sea Skin Care Products)   (609) 226-7064 ([email protected])

For jewelry and accessories, please consider these Israeli companies:

Michal Negrin –

Ayala Bar      (303) 873-6553

Avi Soffer       (215) 643-5122

Dori Csengeri (212) 563-0090

Neta & Eyal   (201) 838-3320

Trades of the East  (413) 584-5454

From Israel to You –   (sells jewelry judaica online)   contact: Paula Joffe,  [email protected]    contact:  Kathryn Bareket,  [email protected]

The Image Gallery (NJ)   contact:  Shimon & Ruth Zimmerman,  [email protected]

Judaica House of Teaneck,   contact:  Reuben Nayowitz   tel: (201) 801-9001,  NJ   [email protected]   tel: 973 736 7776

Sarah’s Treasures    contact:  Sarah Keren

The Jewish Museum (NY)  contact:  Stacey Zaleski, buyer gift shop,   [email protected]

Museum of Jewish Heritage (NY),   contact: Warren Shalewitz, buyer gift shop,  tel: 646 437 4213   (sells food and judaica from Israel)  contact:  Tsofit Birger   [email protected]

Rosebud (on Madison Ave. NYC) –  only boutique in the U.S. that sells only made in Israel women’s fashion and accessories.  Contact:  Fern Penn  tel: (212)722-9855

Israeli Wine Distributors

Allied Importers USA  – Tel:  (718) 472-1155 – E-mail:  [email protected]

[email protected]

C & R International Wine & Spirits –  (516) 456-2794

Gabriel  Lasry – E-mail:  [email protected]

Haim Hassin –  (917) 854-7649 – E-mail:  [email protected]

Happy Hearts Wine – Tel: (718) 972-0505 –  E-mail: [email protected]

Contact:  Benjamin Bauer


Israeli Wine Direct – Contact: Arie Hochberg

Tel: (973) 454-7726  Toll Free: (866) 469-8708

E-mail: [email protected]


Palm Bay International –  Tel: (800) 872-5622   (516) 802-4740

Contact:  Estie Wartenberg    cell: (347) 226 0410

E-mail:  [email protected]



Red Garden Imports –  Tel:  (330)310-7945

Contact:  Shimon Oppenheim

E-mail:  [email protected]

[email protected]


Royal Kedem Wine Corporation – Tel: (718)384-2400

E-mail:  [email protected]

Nathan Herzog   Direct Dial:  (718) 534-0119



THE RIVER WINE –  Tel: (646) 415 7982

Contact:  Ami Nahari, CEO

E-mail:  [email protected]



Victor Kosher Wines, Inc.

Tel: (305) 725 2727

Contact:  Florence Desobry

E-mail:  [email protected]


Winebow – Tel:(201)445-0620

Contact: Lynn Blecker

E-mail: [email protected]



We ask you to make this campaign a priority because history has proven that our leaders can and do effect change. Speak about buying Israeli made products in your sermons, in your lesson plans and in your written communication to your followers and colleagues. If we all work together, we can push back against the ever burgeoning enemies of Israel, while strengthening Israel’s economy.

For those interested in purchasing Israeli goods and/or services or would like to join our campaign, please contact the publisher of The Jewish Voice, David Ben Hooren, at: [email protected] or call 212-920-6700

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