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Kenneth Thompson – (D) – Brooklyn District Attorney



With the motto of “Doing Brooklyn Justice” challenger Kenneth Thompson was declared the winner in the race for Brooklyn Attorney General against longtime incumbent Charles J Hynes. At approximately 11:30 pm, News 12 stated that Thompson had received 55% of the vote as compared to the 45% of the vote that Hynes had received. News 12 reported that Hynes will still be on the ballot in November as he is running under several different parties.

Thompson is a former federal prosecutor, who served with distinction in the United States Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, where he successfully investigated and prosecuted a wide range of criminal cases – from murder to bank robbery –.and gained a reputation as an excellent trial lawyer.  He successfully obtained murder-in-aid-of-racketeering and robbery convictions at the trial of violent gang members, who had committed a series of armed robberies and shootings at various banks, and who had murdered an innocent bank customer.

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