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Turkey’s Erdogan: Israel Engineering Egypt Unrest



Muslim Brotherhood assault on Egyptian police personnel results in execution of 26 officers

Muslim Brotherhood assault on Egyptian police personnel results in execution of 26 officers

Muslim Brotherhood assault on Egyptian police personnel results in execution of 26 officers

Egypt Continues to Roil as Violence Catapults

As the struggle between pro- and anti-government forces in Egypt continues following the ouster of Mohammed Morsi in July, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has publicized his own theory on the events. His take – Egypt’s unrest is the result of a conspiracy engineered by Israel.

According to a report by Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey’s unpopular head of state claimed he could prove Israel’s involvement during a meeting of his ruling Justice and Development party. By way of evidence, Erdogan cited a 2011 conversation between an unnamed Jewish intellectual and the Turkish justice minister in France.

According to Erdogan, the intellectual claimed that “the Muslim Brotherhood will not be in power even if they win the elections. Because democracy is not the ballot box.”

“Now the West starts to say democracy is not the ballot box or not only the box, but we know that the ballot box is the people’s will,” Erdogan said. “This is what has been implemented in Egypt. Who is behind this? Israel. We have evidence.”

This isn’t the first time Erdogan has resorted to blaming ills in his country and others on foreign powers of a dubious nature. The accusation leveled against Israel is just the latest in a long line of evil supposedly perpetrated by a rogue’s gallery of Erdogan’s design.

For example, Erdogan blamed the current Taksim Square protests against his administration on international Jewish investors bent on destroying the Turkish economy. Why said investors would be interested in destroying the economy was never made clear.

Hurriyet reported that, according to Prime Minister Erdogan, “we had foreseen these events as a series of conspiracies three months ago.” He added that, “we have received intelligence reports.” He didn’t elaborate on where these reports had come from.

Another report by The Algemeiner notes that Erdogan blamed the Turkey protests on the American ‘Jewish Lobby”. The PM took to Twitter to lay the blame at the feet of the American Enterprise Institute and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Hurriyet also reported that the Turkish stock market was under attack by “The Interest-Rates Lobby”, according to Erdogan. This group, according to the newspaper run by Erdogan’s son-in-law, is a coalition comprising of Jewish Financiers associated with Opus Dei and the Illuminati, two shadowy organizations at the heart of popular Dan Brown Novels The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons.

The Turkish stock market slumped in June as a result of the nationwide protests against police brutality police used tear gas and water cannons on May 31 against demonstrators who had gathered in Gezi Park near Taksim to oppose plans to develop it. Erdogan has accused “extremist” groups, including terrorist from far-left organizations, and unidentified foreign provocateurs of having a role in the fiercest anti-government protests in years.

Erdogan’s popularity has been steadily sliding among the young and educated of Turkey due to his attempts at Islamizing the traditionally secular state, and for his unforgiving treatment of the protesters in Gezi Park. The Gezi Park protests, which began as a humble environmental effort, has snowballed into a nationwide furor over Erdogan’s totalitarian bent and thuggish practices.

Turkey recalled its ambassador to Egypt last week as a sign of protest against the overthrow of Morsi, who they strongly supported. Egypt followed suit with its own ambassador. Thus, diplomatic ties between Egypt and Turkey have ground to a halt in the vein of Turkey-Israel relations. The relationship between Turkey and Israel have been strained ever since the 2012 Mavi Marmara incident, in which nine Turkish citizens were killed in a failed attempt to break a naval blockade. Attempts at reconciliation by President Obama have met with failure.

“We have witnessed a bloodbath in Egypt,” President Nicolas Maduro was quoted as saying. “We warned that the coup against Morsi was unconstitutional. Morsi was kidnapped and the responsible party for what is occurring in Egypt is the [American] empire, which has its hands in it.”

“The United States doesn’t have friends, it has interests, and what it wants is to control the planet,” Maduro added.

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