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Real Estate Mogul’s Daughter Arrested For Selling Heroin



A photo from Kathryn Kalikows Facebook page.

A photo from Kathryn Kalikows Facebook page.

A photo from Kathryn Kalikows Facebook page.

Daughter of real estate mogul and former New York Post owner Peter Kalikow was busted by undercover police officers for trying to sell a “large quantity” of Heroin via Craigslist on Sunday, March 24.

Kathryn Kalikow, 27, and her boyfriend Brian Whelan, 28, were arrested at 9:30 PM in the Bronx by the two officers who responded to the post, which used creatively coded words for heroin.

It read: “High quality diesel pain relief available. Discreet & professional. No games; will only reply to likeminded individuals. Email name and number for response. Stamps, diesel, H train, dope, bundles, tickets, dog food.”

The undercover cops arranged to “buy” the drugs from the duo near the Bronx campus of Fordham University.

Records indicate that the two got out of a blue Volkswagon to make the exchange, after which one of the officers got a text message that read, “I’m in front of the building in a Volkswagon.” He then spotted Whalen and told him, “I’m meeting someone here, but I don’t have anything.”

The other officer then went up to Kalikow and asked her if she had any drugs on her – to which she answered yes and proceeded to reach into her pocket and hand the officer 10 small plastic heroin baggies.

“Yes I have drugs. He’s my boyfriend, I was holding on to it for him,” she said.

The officers then whipped out the handcuff.

A true gentleman, Whalen attempted to take the fall for his girlfriend, telling cops it was all his idea.

“It was my idea to go on Craigslist and post the ad. I need treatment. I am a heroin addict, and to afford the drug I agreed to sell some … on consignment for the person I buy from.”

Both were trialed on criminal possession of a controlled substance in Bronx Criminal Court on Monday, March 25.

According to the New York Post, Kathryn Kalikow appeared “dazed and disheveled” at her arraignment.

Both were released on recognizance, and are expected to return to court on May 14, said Melvin Hernandez, a spokesman for the Bronx district attorney.

In a statement arguing for Kathryn’s release, Kalikow’s lawyer Stacy Richman emphasized the family’s reputation, stating that “…this family has been dedicated to this city.”

Father Peter Kalikow, 71, runs his family’s successful real estate firm based in his 49-floor skyscraper, 101 Park Avenue.

In a recent statement, he said that he and his wife Mary are “very concerned, and all we are concentrating on now is helping our daughter.”

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