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Old South Ferry Subway Station Reopens



The MTA has refurbished an old, unused subway station to serve the No. 1 train while the Sandy-devastated South Ferry station is rebuilt.

The old South Ferry station, which was shuttered in 2009 when the new one was opened, will reopen Thursday, April 4, 2013.

Superstorm Sandy pushed 15 million gallons of water into the new South Ferry station, filling it the track level to the mezzanine and destroying all electrical and mechanical systems, the MTA said.

Crews will likely need about two years to rebuild that station.

In the interim, the MTA will run No. 1 trains to the old South Ferry loop station, which actually sits above the damaged station.

That old station can only accommodate 5 subway cars at a time, whereas most trains run 10 cars. The platform at that station is curved, which means its moveable platform extenders, which bridge gaps between the platform and the cars, needed to be refurbished with new pistons and other components, the MTA said.

Workers also installed electrical feeds, lighting on the platforms and in the tracks, and repaired and repainted station walls.

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