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Brooklyn DA Stars in New Reality Show



Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes will star on “Brooklyn DA” on CBS.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes will star on “Brooklyn DA” on CBS.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes will star on “Brooklyn DA” on CBS.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes just signed a deal to star in his own six-part miniseries called “Brooklyn DA.”

According to a press release obtained by the Daily News, the show is set to “follow hard charging prosecutors with larger than life personalities both inside the courtroom and out. They’re eccentric and living right on the edge.” Never a dull moment when the suits get into catfights, we say bring on the popcorn.

One of the high-profile cases the show is set to document is that of Dr. Oleg Davi, a Manhattan Beach plastic surgeon accused of negligence for carelessly conducting a heart transplant on a woman.

The program is also set to follow Hynes’s top aid, Michael Vecchione. A veteran prosecutor, Vecchione is known for his controversial past and “big personality”, meaning he would probably take Beverly Hills Housewife Brandy Glanville’s place in the group, or Nene from the Atlanta Housewives (depending on your preference, respectfully).

The program will also note some of Vecchione’s major successes, which include getting a conviction against Gerald Garson, a former judge who was outed for taking bribers. He also scored convictions against two detectives who were hit men for the mafia, which bring elements of VH1’s hit reality docudrama, Mob Wives.

Moreover, the show will touch on criticism launched against Vecchione for what critics have hailed as “poor handling” of several other cases, including his alleged bullying of a witness in a murder case against Jabba Collins in 1995. The conviction was eventually tossed following a witness statement claiming Vecchione threatened to hit him with a coffee table and throw him in jail if he chose not to finger Collins as a culprit.

Collins was eventually exonerated, and ended up filing a $150M lawsuit against Vecchione.

Still, most of the controversy as of late on not over the foreseen content of the show but that the show was ever given a green light. Since Hynes is up for reelection, his opponents are deeming the show a dragged out infomercial, and they’re not happy about it. D.A. hopeful Ken Thomspon sent a press release to Sheepshead Bites that read:

“It is simply reckless for District Attorney Hynes to share sensitive information about ongoing cases and investigations with a film crew for self-promotion— information that leaked before the show even aired and could easily lead to more failed prosecutions and overturned cases.“

The Brooklyn news outlet also reached out to Abe George, an opponent of Hynes who wrote in an email:

“Charles Hynes doesn’t want to be DA. He just wants to play one on TV.” Ouch.

George proceeded to tell Sheepshead Bites that he plans to send a letter to CBS requesting that they delay the show until the primary is over. He also complained about the timing of the show, calling it a “glorified political add” that is set to “paint him in a positive light” conveniently before the primary.

On Hynes’s behalf, his campaign spokesman George Artz told the daily News that, “Jealousy is not a positive for political figures.”

If Hynes’s opponents were at all media savvy, they’d keep mum. Here’s a little lesson in social media: smear campaigns tend to create buzz, hence publicity gold.

“Brooklyn DA” is set to air May 21 at 10PM on CBS.

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