TA Marathon (Partially) Postponed, Due to Heat

The 2011 Marathon Tel Aviv: a view on the beach.

The 2011 Marathon Tel Aviv: a view on the beach.
The 2011 Marathon Tel Aviv: a view on the beach.
With temperatures forecast for high-90s Fahrenheit, and the traditional Tel Aviv humidity – guaranteeing a temperature-humidity index reading of well over 100 Fahrenheit – the main event of the Tel Aviv Marathon, originally scheduled for Friday, March 15, will be postponed for at least a week. The Health Ministry did not issue a permit for the Tel Aviv Municipality to hold the event, although the Ministry later did give permission for some of the shorter race events to be held.

The shorter events that will take place include a 5K and 10K race. These will be held early in the morning, to avoid requiring runners to race in the heat of the day. The main event, a 42.2 kilometer race, will be postponed to Friday, March 22, weather permitting.

“Pay attention to your body,” said a Ministry official, in a statement warning all prospective runners. “Don’t try to be brave. The main cause of health problems in situations like this is that runners fail to pay attention to their bodies and overextend themselves.”

The Marathon is one of Tel Aviv core international projects, and this year 35,000 people are expected to participate, making it the most popular running event in Israel.

The yearly race is held each spring with Charles Clore Park as its starting point. Inaugurated in 1981, it was held annually until 1994. In 2009, it was revived and has been taking place annually since.

The multi-course event allows for both professional and hobbyists to take part, and draws runners from all over the world, with over 25,000 runners participating in eight different races. The winner of the main 42.2 kilometer race in 2012 was Sammy Tu of Kenya, who set a new record with his 2:15:14 finish.


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