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Jaws vs. Jews?



Moshe Weiss, a Minnesota rabbi, dropped by ABC’s reality show Shark Tank over Superbowl weekend to make a pitch for his business venture, replete with plenty of “oyveys” and the playing of “HavaNagila.”

Weiss, a father of three from St. Paul, described his job as requiring a lot of faith – a virtue he likes to apply to his business. Weiss is the inventor of the Sound Bender, a magnetic, power-free amplifier that attaches magnetically to the iPad to enhance its sound.

The playing of “HavaNagila” was to show the panel the SoundBender’s capabilities. The sharks mostly laughed at Weiss, noting that he had “chutzpah,” but also voicing skepticism about the product.

Still, FuBu CEO Daymond John granted the $54,000 requested by the rabbi in exchange for 40 percent of his company’s shares.

The SoundBender currently retails for $19.99 on


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