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48 Hours Mystery Airs Juicy Details of Novack Murder



Narcy Novack

Narcy Novack

Narcy Novack

On December 17, 2012, Narcy Novack was sentenced to life in prison forthe murder of her multimillionairebusinessman husband Ben Novack, and his mother, Narcy Novack. Her brother, Cristobal Veliz who helped herorchestrate the murders, alsoreceived a life sentence during the court proceeding in White Plains, N.Y.

Last week, 48 Hour Mystery aired new details of the case, including shocking never before seen tapes of Narcy Novack’s police interrogation following the murder.

“I walked in and I tripped on something,” she said in interrogation recordings, “and I realized he was on the floor.” He had been staying up all night working from their hotel room, she said. At around 7:15 am she went to get breakfast, when she came back to the room an hour later, she discovered his mutilated body.

But Detective Alison Carpentier of Westchester County wasn’t buying it. “It was a brutal scene. His eyes had both been cut out,” she said. “[And yet] the first thing she said to me was ‘Did Ben have a heart attack?’ and meanwhile she had seen him there was blood everywhere in this room it was a bloody mess and I keep telling her Narcy you saw Ben tied up, what do you mean did he have a heart attack?”

Further suspicion turned to Narcy when neither of the doors to the Novack suite showed signs of a forced entry. When the police decided to check the records for key card swipes, the keycard lock had not been used by anyone else after she had left for breakfast the morning of her husband’s death. “It was obvious he had been sleeping when he attacked, she we didn’t believe he had walked to the door and opened the door up to somebody,” Carpentier said. “The only one else that had access to that room was Narcy.”

Last week’s episode also revealed shocking secrets of the couple’s kinky sex life. “He used handcuffs,” Narcy told investigators following the murder, “and he liked the rough stuff.” But when Detective Carpentier asked if she thinks its odd that her husband was found tied up and gagged in a way the he found sexually arousing, Narcy became elusive and avoided directly answering the question.

“She tried to act like a grieving widow, it didn’t come off like that at all, to any of the investigators, I don’t think,” Det. Carpentier told 48 Mystery.

The couple enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle, and on the weekend of July 9th, 2009, they were staying at the elegant Rye Town Hilton, where Ben Novack was running a large Amway convention. However, Narcy’s life prior to meeting her husband was not all diamonds and fancy galas. She was a former prostitute and stripper from Ecuador, who danced at some of Florida’s sleaziest strip clubs.  Mr. Novack, on the other hand, was the son of Miami royalty: Ben Novack Sr. was the founder of the famous Fountainblueau Hotel, the “place to be and be seen” during the 60’s where guests like Frank Sinatra and Elvis were regulars. Bernice Novack had been a famous fashion model for Salvador Dali during her youth.

While Bernice and her son were reportedly very close and talked several times a day, she wasn’t very fond of her daughter-in-law.

“His mom did not like his wife. I mean they really hated each other,” said Joe Matthews, a former Miami Beach homicide detective.

Just three months before Ben Novack’s death, his mother, 86, was found dead in her home. Fort Lauderdale police ruled the death an accident, however, autopsy reports would later reveal her jaw had been broken. It was later determined she had been beaten to her death with a monkey wrench. Blood spatter was also eventually recovered from all over her home and even insider her car.

The prosecution argued that because a prenuptial agreement was set forth, limiting Narcy Novack to receiving $65,000 from Ben if they were ever to divorce, she had a clear motive to kill him and his mother: if he died, she would inherit his entire $10 million estate, including Miami’s legendary Fountainbleu Hotel. But if his Bernice Novack were alive, everything would go to her.

“Because of Ms. Novack’s greed and her selfishness and what she thought was her ability to manipulate other people,” said Judge Kenneth Karas at the sentencing. “There are two innocent people — her husband and her mother-in-law — who are dead.”

Following the sentencing, the lead detective on the case breathed a sigh of relief, simply citing that “the devil got her due.”

For more details, you can catch “Crazy Love” as well as other full episode of 48 Hour Mysteryonline at

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