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Google Launches Innovation Workshop in Tel Aviv



At a press conference attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, on Monday, December 10th, the Google search engine company announced that they will be launching a Tel Aviv based workshop center.  “Campus Tel Aviv” will be a one-floor workshop where Israeli entrepreneurs and start-up companies will have the opportunity to work on their endeavors, while having direct access to Google experts and infrastructure.

Yossi Matias, managing director of Google’s research and development center in Israel said the company “recognizes the huge talent that has made Israel the ‘start-up nation’;  the world’s second largest center of tech start-ups after Silicon Valley. Israel’s future innovation success needs a supportive environment that will foster the next generation of young talent.”

Speaking of the importance that Israel must continue to place on innovation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We must lead in this effort, especially as the rest of the Middle East is moving back to the Middle Ages. In the end, freedom and knowledge and curiosity will be victorious.” Issuing warnings about vigilance in terms of pursuing technological advancement, Netanyahu declared, “Without innovation, it doesn’t matter if you have everything else. If you don’t have freedom and innovation all of your investments in education and advancement will fail.”

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