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Leading by Example, Murdoch hit the Nail in the head of the Media



Twitter as a social media and marketing tool ain’t so bad in these times, it creates buzz and stirs controversy, but it can also get you into trouble sometimes, just ask the many who ended their political and professional career for a tweet or two.

Life and Death are in the Hands of the Tongue


In the case of Rupert Murdoch it may well be the hands that are in charge. Unlike hundreds of politicians and celebrities whose popular Twitter feeds are handled by aides or are hardly used, if you have come across Murdoch’s Twitter feed you’re really getting Mr. Murdoch the man himself, unfiltered.

His latest tweet was truly himself, unhinged. Following the situation in the Middle East, with Israel being forced by Hamas to defend itself from the barrage of rockets that were fired from Gaza, Murdoch wrote Saturday on Twitter: “Can’t Obama stop his friends in Egypt shelling Israel?” followed by: “Why is Jewish-owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?.”

Facing accusations of anti-Semitism, Murdoch backtracked on Sunday, saying he disagreed with his critics, but apologized anyway.

Whether Murdoch was aiming his shots at the left-wing mainstream media or at some particular news publication, his outrageous comment had no direct bearing on the current coverage of the Israel/Gaza crisis, but was more of a general point of view.

There’s no question that the media in the United States does not reflect the overwhelming support Israel currently enjoys among America’s citizens. Regardless of the administration’s policies or the Israeli government’s policies, the media coverage of Israel ought to be more sympathetic with the suffering of Israel as a young nation, living under an existential threat on a daily basis since its founding. Why do Israelis feel that the NY Times, CNN and other outlets are just giving them a hard time? Why is it so difficult to get across the message about Israel’s right of self defense, but rather the Jewish state must be forced to answer why innocent children are dying in Gaza – when they’re used deliberately as a human shield by the terrorist regime?

Murdoch may have gone too far by blaming “Jewish-owned”media in general as being anti-Israel, but to be blunt – that is largely the case. If a Jewish judge like Goldstone could have written such a biased report on Cast Lead, if J-Street gets away with murder by taking sides with the Palestinians on almost every issue that counts for the security of Israel, and if President Obama gets handled with kid gloves for his failures in the Middle East, then something is definitely wrong with the media, and with us for not calling them out.

Somebody has to be the crazy uncle screaming ‘the King is naked.’ This time it was Rupert Murdoch, who leads by example as a strong supporter of Israel.

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