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President: Gov. Mitt Romney

Governor Mitt Romney has historically been a friend to the Jewish people. We at the Jewish Voice wholeheartedly endorse him as the next President of the United States. We feel that the current U.S. President Barack Obama’s erratic behavior on issues ranging from the economy to foreign affairs—especially as they pertain to Israel— has amounted to a colossal failure. Obama has proven he cannot be trusted, especially in the most dangerous of times, with radical Islamist states on the rise. In the first term of his administration, Barack Obama has tried—in vain— to reach out to the Muslim world. What have we gotten in response? Attacks on our embassies, abandoning of our allies, and stalwart allies not sure what to make of the United States’ leadership.

Mitt Romney will help restore America’s prestige. His belief in “American Exceptionalism” will extend from the economy to different aspects of world affairs. With Mitt Romney as President, the United States will take the lead again; we will no longer lead from behind. With a 16 trillion dollar debt, clearly we need a real change we can believe in, and that change begins with Mitt Romney as President.

Romney’s attachment to America’s best friend Israel will be more than just an alliance; it will help serve the world over to defeat radical Islam. Electing Mitt Romney is vital.

State Senate, District 17 (AKA the “Super-Jewish District”): NYS Sen. David Storobin

The Jewish Voice strongly supports New York State Senator Storobin for re-election, an energetic young man with a good grasp of the issues concerning voters—the Jewish community in particular—in this district. When it comes to Jewish education, Mr. Storobin understands that people are struggling to afford the ever-rising cost of yeshiva tuition for their children. He has made it a priority to make school vouchers a reality to help bring relief to yeshiva parents. Storobin showed tremendous courage by introducing this piece of legislation and to stand up to the teacher’s union.

Mr. Storobin has opposed raising taxes and we applaud him for sticking to that position while in Albany. In tough economic times, raising taxes should not be an option.

David Storobin has the courage, independence and passion in helping address the issues facing the people of the newly-formed super-Jewish district. The Jewish Voice enthusiastically endorses Senator Storobin for re-election.

State Senate, 15th District: NYC Councilman Eric Ulrich

This one goes out to Jewish Voice readers in Queens! The youngest member of the New York City Council, Eric Ulrich is a rising star in the Republican Party.

Councilman Ulrich has made great strides in improving Queens residents’ quality of life, taking aim at vandalism and illegal dumping on city streets. He has also secured substantial funding for the renovation of parks, playgrounds, and libraries throughout his district.

Councilman Ulrich is described as an “unequivocal supporter” of the NYPD’s counterterrorism efforts.

Councilman Ulrich seeks to ease the tax burden on the middle class, and as a State Senator will make it a priority to cut property and small business taxes, helping families and creating jobs.

In terms of values, Ulrich describes himself as pro-life, and voted against the redefinition of marriage.

We believe Councilman Ulrich has a bright future ahead of him, and that an immediate part of that future includes becoming State Senator Ulrich.

State Senate, 22nd District: NYS Sen. Martin Golden

What can we say about good ol’ Marty Golden? An incumbent, State Senator Golden serves as Assistant Majority Whip in our state legislature. He is a principled and experienced statesman. He served for six years as Chairman of the NYS Senate Committee on Ageing. A decorated former police officer, Golden has also served on the Committee on Banks, Codes, Crime Victims, Crime & Corrections; Homeland Security; and Military Affairs.

Golden also introduced a bill last year that would undo the redefinition of marriage in New York. And while his effort was basically doomed for the start, we have to admire his chutzpah.

In addition to his extensive experience, and his willingness to stand up for what’s right, we at the Jewish Voice are also slightly amused that this particular State Senator, named Golden (ironically, not a member of the tribe) earned his spot by unseating the incumbent (Vincent) Gentile. [It’s actually pronounced jen-TIL-ee. Still funny, though.]

Golden is a good man, and that counts for a lot. Some would even call him a hero (he was forced to retire from the NYPD after he was wounded while making a narcotics arrest). And he shares our values. And that’s why we at the Jewish Voice are casting our vote for Senator Martin Golden.

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