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Hungarian Neo-Nazis Offer $$$ for Information on Anti-Nazi Protestors



A website representing a group of neo-Nazis in Hungary has offered a cash reward for information about the individuals who protested against the freedom of a suspected Nazi war criminal. promised to give 100,000 forints ($450) to anyone who would provide it with specific information about the protestors who recently gathered outside the home of Laszlo Csatary and vocally urged the Hungarian government to arrest the alleged Nazi collaborator.  “We will distribute 100,000 forints among those who send us the most useful information about the [participants],” text appearing on the website read.

“75 thousands forints have been offered by our Comrade Bela Varga who lives in America. Good hunting!” The website – which is replete with anti-Semitic graphics, such as a Nazi hammer squashing a Star of David – accused the demonstrators at the rally, which was organized by a Jewish student group, of formulating a conspiracy to “kill Hungarians.”

“They complain about various crimes when they are responsible for corrupting our country into communism and later into capitalism,” the text read. “They are responsible for the death of many thousands of Hungarians, for the emigration of hundreds of thousands, for the killing of six million fetuses, for the selling of the country not to speak about the genocide in Palestine and the other crimes against humanity.”
The authorities in Hungary have indicted Csatary on the charge of participating in the shipment of 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz during his term as police chief of Kosice. The 97-year-old had gone undetected since he fled Canada in the 1990s upon the discovery of his World War II history. Csatary’s secrecy began to unravel late last year, when the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Efraim Zuroff traced his whereabouts to Hungary and asked prosecutors to take action. The suspected Nazi’s freedom became even more perilous more recently, when two television reporters confronted him on camera at his Budapest residence. Following the uproar from the protestors and others, Csatary was formally charged.

Responding to the website announcement, Zuroff said the group’s offer was essentially an attempt to intimidate the protesters. “Apparently, the Hungarian right-wing extremists cannot bear the exposure of the criminals who committed crimes against humanity against fellow Hungarian citizens during World War II,” the Nazi-hunter stated, “who were inspired to do so by the same anti-Semitic fascist ideology that they are currently trying to disseminate in Hungary.” Zuroff revealed that several demonstrators, including one of the protest’s organizers, Andrea Gergely, had received threats. An employee at the Hungarian Embassy in Israel said that the embassy could not comment on the website as it was closed.

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