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Political Smear Campaigns No Longer Just for the Candidates



There’s no denying that Sheldon Adelson brings a little extra firepower to whatever political campaign he decides to get behind. So obviously, anyone who can take him out of the equation is doing a big favor to opposing candidate; it just makes good sense. That doesn’t make what the National Jewish Democratic Council did any less reprehensible, though.

A petition, recently withdrawn for reasons of “shalom bayis” called on Republicans to refuse to accept money from the casino magnate/Jewish philanthropist. The reasons mostly revolved around his casino in Macau, claiming that Adelson had specifically allowed prostitution to take place there. And also, due to his dealings with the Chinese government, allowing Adelson to contribute to campaigns was essentially introducing “Chinese money” into a U.S. election. In regards to the accusations of complicity in illicit activities, aside from the fact that it remains unproven, how is it so different from what goes on in Las Vegas? For that matter, how is it so different from business as usual on Capitol Hill? If you’re going to imply that something is tainted, let’s at least paint a complete picture. As for the latter point, that’s a very serious charge. I’m not an international accountant, so I can’t ascertain firsthand whether it holds any water. But if you’re going to up and accuse someone of borderline treason, it seems wildly irresponsible to drop the issue to keep “peace in the house.” Suffice it to say we doubt their information, and their motives.

Claiming that the accusations originated not from them, but from fellow Senator John McCain doesn’t do much to help things. The approach of “we’re not the ones saying Adelson did this, but Adelson totally did this” is disingenuous to say the least!

In any event, if Adelson were a diehard liberal instead of a conservative Zionist, I doubt the NJDC wouldn’t have been quite so zealous to determine Adelson’s money to be tainted by ladies of the evening and by Chinese-ness (“Chinacity?”). But still, at least their protest, once it had been shouted from the rooftops, was subsequently withdrawn. I’m not sure exactly what the proper response is to such shady political tactics, but I’m pretty sure it ends with the words “…and the horse you rode in on!”

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