Arab Hackers Cyber-Attack Knesset Website

A group of computer hackers who have dubbed themselves the “Gaza Hacker Team” successfully hacked into the Knesset’s website last week. Taking over, the cyber-invaders posted a Hebrew-language message that itemized their demands. These included calls for Israel to stop “digging underneath the al-Aqsa Mosque” in Jerusalem, halt the construction of settlements “particularly near the al-Aqsa Mosque,” cease its attacks on the Gaza Strip and release Palestinian prisoners. The attack is said to have destroyed one page of the website.

The message further stated, “We promise you that we have many secrets about Israel and your leaders,” adding “The resistance will be victorious” and “Death to Israel.”

According to Knesset spokesman Yotam Yakir, the intrusion was noticed and counteracted within several minutes. The authorities are conducting an ongoing investigation into the cyber-attack.

Last January, the same group of hackers attacked the website of Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon in retaliation to his threat to take strong action against Saudi Arabian hackers who had leaked the credit card numbers of thousands of Israelis. The website reports that the “Gaza Hacker Team” has hacked into hundreds of websites, most of which are Israeli.


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