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Israel Ranks as one of the World’s Happiest Countries



Israel is home to some of the happiest people in the world, a finance website has reported after analyzing relevant public information.

Daily Finance analyzed data compiled by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development and found Israel to be the sixth happiest country in the world.

JTA reported that Israel scored well in a number of categories, including “life satisfaction,” educational attainment, and life expectancy. In terms of health, specifically, 81% of Israelis reported themselves as either being in “good” or “very good” health.

Denmark was rated the happiest country in the world, and the U.S. ranked 11th.

Evidently, the Daily Finance analysis was not the only positive indicator of Israeli bliss last week.

A Gallup poll published in Forbes on Friday similarly ranked Israel as one of the world’s happiest nations.

“Israel placed eighth in the poll which saw thousands of respondents from 155 countries took part ranking their level of satisfaction on a number of different issues,” Shalom Life reported. “Respondents also measured their ‘daily experiences’ and gave a score to factors including whether they felt well-rested, respected, free of pain and intellectually engaged.”

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