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American Jewish Leaders: Expulsion of Syrian Diplomats a Welcome but Insufficient Move Towards Ending Violence Against Civilians



The decision by the United States to join other countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain) in expelling from their capital cities senior Syrian diplomats is a welcome response to the recent massacre of over 100 men, women, and children in the Syrian city of Houla, according to many prominent Jewish leaders. This is just the latest atrocity in a continuing brutal crackdown of the Syrian regime against its own people, said the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. The umbrella Jewish organization cited the expulsion of diplomats as completely justified and urged the international community to undertake urgent measures to protect Syrian civilians from violence.

“The ongoing massacre of civilians in Syria perpetrated by President Bashar al-Assad took a particularly horrific turn last week with reports of over one hundred people murdered, dozens killed execution style in their homes, by his military forces. Assad’s attempt to blame insurgents for this crime, an accusation refuted by UN observers, is evidence of his unwillingness to stop the slaughter in his country for which he is clearly responsible” said JCPA Chair Larry Gold. “The international community must act expeditiously and effectively to protect the lives of civilians in Syria.”

“Without a strong and unified global response, Assad will continue to pursue policies that tear Syria apart, threaten regional stability, and, tragically, claim the lives of thousands more,” said JCPA President Rabbi Steve Gutow. “We welcome our government’s decision to expel Syria’s charge d’affaires, but hope it will be followed by concrete and concerted international efforts to force the Assad regime at long last to end the violence against its own people.”

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