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‘Shmuzing’ in Johannesburg: Popular Jewish Learning Program Comes to South Africa



Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier is bringing “The Shmuz,” a popular mussar learning program, to the Jews of South Africa this week.Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier, from “The Shmuz,” is in South Africa, having left New York on Tuesday (Apr. 29) for a whirlwind ten day tour.  In South Africa he is scheduled to speak sixteen times in various locations across the country.  These include a Shabbaton retreat, roundtables with prominent local businessmen, ladies’ groups, shuls, Ohr Sameach, a university, a Bais Yaakov high school, a mesivta and a kollel. 

“The Shmuz,” as the title implies, is a mussar talk that deals with a wide range of subjects that affect our daily lives.  Drawing from Torah sources, The Shmuz makes Torah guidance relevant and understandable to Jews living in the 21st century.  In South Africa Rabbi Shafier will speak on “The Incredible Power of Prayer,” “Understanding Life Settings,” “Gemarah Makos – Why Pray?,” “Working for a Living,” “Heroes”  and “The Kibbud Av of Esav.”

 “Everywhere today, people are busy and lives are complicated,” said Rabbi Shafier, a veteran mesivta rebbe who left the classroom to create The Shmuz at the urging of his Rosh Yeshiva, Reb Henoch Leibowitz, zt”l.. “I have been invited to South Africa to introduce people to the Shmuz, which provides 24/6 immediate and free access to Torah wisdom in a way that is impactful and easy to understand.”

 There are over two hundred Shmuzin available for free downloading from, or from the Shmuz office.  Ten thousand subscribers in 29 countries download more than 4,000 Shmuzin each week. The Shmuz also has published several books including The Shmuz on the Parsha  and Stop Surviving, Start Living. The newest Shmuz book, Shmuz on Bitachon: Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate is due for release to bookstores on June 1.

To access Shmuzzin, go to, or call 866.613.TORAH (8672.

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