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JNF Reinforces Relationship with Israel Bonds



 Celebrating the completion of a $1 million Israel bond investment by the Jewish National Fund are, from left:  JNF President Stanley  M. Chesley; Israel Bonds national board member Kent M. Swig; Bonds President and CEO Izzy Tapoohi; Greater New York Bonds Chairman James B. Emden; JNF president-elect Jeffrey E. Levine; and JNF Executive CEO Russell F. Robinson.The Jewish National Fund (JNF), which supports environmental endeavors in Israel, has planted more than 240 million trees there and established more than 1,000 parks. But that’s not the only way the JNF invests in Israel.

JNF is a longtime investor in Israel Bonds, and this month they announced a new purchase of Israel Bonds, to the tune of one million dollars. This investment (and all investments in Israel Bonds, made by organizations and private individuals) will support and enable the completion of vital infrastructure projects in the Jewish state.

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