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Tragic Fire in Rechovot Kills Family of Six



A tragic fire in the central Israeli city of Rechovot took the lives of six members of one family this week. The fatal blaze was responsible for the deaths of 38-year-old Guy Shear and his children Eliav, 11; Evyatar, 8; Amitai, 7; Shira, 3; and Itamar, 1.

According to reports, Mrs. Shear discovered the fire in the two-story home where the family rented two rooms, and alerted her husband, who ran into the inferno to try and save their children. Guy Shear apparently became trapped by the flames and was unable to escape. Neighbors reported hearing desperate screams from within the burning building as the children yelled for help.

At this point, pending a thorough investigation, local fire marshals are pinning the blame for the fire on an electrical short circuit. Unfortunately, it has emerged that the firemen on the scene first deployed to a different side of the building where the fire was burning out of control, as they were simply not aware that the family was trapped in a different area of the structure.

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