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New Sephardic Mikvah Opens in Brooklyn



A beautiful new mikvah, the ritual bath most commonly used by married women to observe the laws of taharat hamishpacha, or “family purity,” has now opened in the Bedford area of Brooklyn, much to the delight of the local Jewish community. Area residents no longer need worry about mikvah on Friday night or Yomim Tovim. The new Sephardic Mikvah of Avenue R is now open, and available for their use.

With its serene, elegant atmosphere and spa-like feel, the Sephardic Mikvah of Avenue R has been a welcome addition to the community by neighborhood residents.

The mikvah boasts ten fully-equipped, state of the art, spacious and relaxing shower rooms— as per Sephardic custom—as well as a beautiful salon area where women can pamper themselves after their mikvah immersion. Blow dryers, curling irons and a full selection of fragrant perfumes are available for use.

While the mikvah is open for walk-ins seven nights a week, women are encouraged to book appointments in advance, so as to not have to wait in line.
The new Sephardic Mikvah is located at 2802 Avenue R in Brooklyn. For more information, call 718-336-0058.

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