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Judea Brigade Holds Emergency Response Exercise to Prepare for Possible Terror Attacks



Largest Exercise in Years Incorporates Military and Civilian Medical Personnel, to Prepare Against Terror Attack Scenarios

The Judea Regional Brigade of the Judea and Samaria Division held an educational program for all its commanders and medical teams on Monday (November 14) in preparation for a terror attack with multiple casualties and injuries.
This is considered the largest exercise held in the Brigade in years, incorporating many forces and civilian simulators. The drill will enable a uniform understanding of such terror attacks in both medical and operational grounds, between the commanders in the field, and the military and civilian medical personnel operating in the Judea Regional Brigade.
The program held today also presented the capabilities and connected between the civilian and military bodies in the Brigade, in charge of dealing with such terror attacks.
A brigade training exercise was held in the field simulating a terror attack with multiple casualties and the possibilities of treating it. The operational bodies examined the medical responses to various scenarios of terror attacks in the region, including a terror attack with multiple injuries and casualties at the Cave of Patriarchs in Hebron.
“As a force performing operational activity in Judea and Samaria, an area with civilian populations, it is clear that any incident might involve civilians, making today’s exercise imperative,” explained Judea Brigade Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. Shachar Speda to the IDF News Service. “The Cave of Patriarchs is visited by most of the population in the Judea Regional Brigade at least once a week.”
Lt. Col. Speda mentioned that “the exercise was extremely beneficial and we learned a lot from the recent exclusive worship events at the Cave of Patriarchs. Based on our initial summary, the exercise was professional and the results were satisfactory.” He also stressed that “the more prepared we are, the commanders assessment must be more complex and focused than any enemy.”
IDF News Service

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